Roundup: The best cases and covers for Apple's 10.5" iPad Pro

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If you are one of the early adopters of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and want to keep Apple's flagship tablet as good as new for as long as possible, AppleInsider has rounded up a collection of cases and covers you can get right now for your new portable workplace.

Just one month after Apple announced and released the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, accessory producers have worked hard to bring cases and covers for the latest addition to the iOS ecosystem. If you're looking to protect the new arrival from everyday scrapes or potential drops, this guide points out some great options in the wide-ranging and rapidly growing case market.

Apple Leather Sleeve

At the same time as launching the 10.5-inch iPad, Apple introduced a number of accessories to match the dimensions of the new hardware. The expected Smart Covers and Smart Keyboard were joined by a new Leather Sleeve, which not only protects the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, but also solves the problem of how to store the Apple Pencil when it is not being used.

Sliding in from the top, the $129 Leather Sleeve is made from top-quality leather, with Saddle Brown, Taupe, Midnight Blue, and Black color options, with a soft microfiber lining inside to protect the iPad Pro while carrying the sleeve around. Near to the opening at the top is a holster for the Apple Pencil that is similar in construction to the recently-launched Apple Pencil Case, with the stylus sliding in from the side for easy access.

Pad and Quill iPad Pro case

Pad & Quill Contega Linen iPad Pro 10.5 Case

Offering the appearance of a fabric-covered notebook, the Contega Linen iPad Pro 10.5 Case houses the tablet in a handmade Baltic Birch wooden frame, complete with custom-designed sound channels and the company's patented Sure-Lock bumpers to hold it in place. The cover, available in Charcoal, Linen Gray, and Cranberry, is made from archival-quality Buckrum linen, which is the same material used on hardbound books in the Library of Congress.

The case includes a self-propping built-in stand, which can be set at a variety of angles, with the cover also capable of waking or setting an iPad to sleep with its integrated magnets. Rounding out the book-like design, the case is kept closed by a moleskine-style heavy elastic strap.

Pad & Quill is shipping the Contega Linen iPad Pro 10.5 Case in mid-July for $119.95, alongside a $99.95 "thin" version of the same case, and a similar Oxford Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Case for $129.95.

Otterbox iPad Pro case

Otterbox iPad Pro 10.5-inch Defender Series Case

For those prone to accidental dropping of their devices, Otterbox's Defender Series case will help protect the iPad Pro from sudden impacts. The case uses three layers made from polycarbonate, synthetic rubber, and polyester to shield the iPad Pro, with an inner shell and outer slipcover protecting against impacts, and a touchscreen protector to keep the display scratch-free.

Port covers prevent dirt and dust from entering the enclosed iPad's jacks and ports, though the case's design will not allow it to work with the Apple Smart Keyboard and Smart Cover. The external shield can also be used as a stand for the iPad Pro, with it including an extra space to holster the Apple Pencil, keeping it safely tucked away inside the case when not in use.

Available now, the Otterbox Defender Series case for the iPad Pro 10.5-inch costs $89.95 directly from Otterbox. B&H also has the Defender case in stock for the same price, but with free expedited shipping and no sales tax collected on orders shipped outside NY and NJ.

Logitech Slim Combo for iPad Pro

Logitech Slim Combo with Detachable Keyboard

An alternative to Apple's Smart Keyboard, the Logitech Slim Combo is an improvement on the initial Smart Connector keyboard, the Logitech Create, but this time the keyboard can be detached from the rest of the case, much like Apple's version. Featuring backlit keys and a row of iOS shortcuts, the keyboard section once again uses the Smart Connector to draw power from the iPad Pro's battery when in use, so no Bluetooth pairing or separate battery to recharge.

The hard plastic case includes a kick-back stand design that offers 50 degrees of tilt, with all appropriate cutouts allowing access to the iPad Pro's connections, with a large lip allowing it to close like a clamshell when used with the keyboard. The case also has a loop on one side for storing the Apple Pencil.

Available in Black and Blue options, and shipping for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well as the 10.5-inch model, the Logitech Slim Combo is priced at $129.95.

JETech iPad Pro case

JETech Case Cover

Also an alternative to Apple's Smart Cover, the affordable JETech Case Cover protects the back of your new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and features an auto sleep and wake function, as well as camera hole cutouts. Users still have full access to the iPad Pro's ports and connections with this case, which is available in three colors: black, blue and dark gray.

Currently listed on, the black JETech Cover is on sale for $12.99, while the dark gray and blue versions retail for $19.99. The cases are fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members are eligible for free 2-day shipping as well.

Tomtoc iPad Pro sleeve

Tomtoc Ultra Slim Tablet Sleeve

Combining together caramel leather and soft charcoal felt, the Ultra Slim Tablet Sleeve from Tomtoc holds the iPad Pro 10.5-inch within a large pocket, with the sleeve large enough to accept an iPad Pro clad in a slim protective cover. The main flap is held closed with magnets, making it easy to access, with top flap also hiding a penholder, which can be used to stow away the Apple Pencil.

The sleeve is capable of holding more than the iPad Pro, with a large rear compartment able to carry other essential items of varying sizes, including iPhones and other devices. Tomtoc is currently selling the Ultra Slim Tablet Sleeve for $16.99 on Amazon, with other models also available for carrying MacBooks.

Casemade iPad Pro case

Casemade Leather Case

Produced from 100-percent Italian cowhide, the Casemade Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Leather Case is a classy resize of the firm's 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro cases. Within the leather exterior is a soft touch and form-fitted polycarbonate mould, with openings on each side of this inner casing to provide access to the iPad Pro's buttons and ports.
The front flap of the case also does more than just act as a horizontal stand when used with the rear flap. The cover is also able to pull off the same tricks as Apple's Smart Cover, sending the iPad to sleep and waking it up by opening and closing the case.

Shipping in Black and Tan color options and priced at $64.90, the iPad Pro 10.5 Leather Case is available for pre-order with an estimated dispatch date of July 30.

Speck iPad Pro case

Speck Balance Folio

Balancing protection with style, the Speck Balance Folio case for the iPad Pro 10.5 consists of a PU Leather-covered rigid case covering the sides and back and a folding cover. The main section has soft edge-to-edge liner to prevent scratches, while the raised bezel adds extra protection to the display by keeping it away from a rough surface if laid face down, with the case itself capable of helping the iPad Pro withstand drops of up to four feet.

The recessed cover can fit seamlessly into the case to minimize the overall size, with an added clasp on the side to prevent it from opening. The cover also acts as a stand, with feet on the side fitting into slots within the inside of the cover to provide a number of different viewing angles.

Speck is selling the Balance Folio 10.5-inch iPad Pro case for $39.95, in a choice of five different colors. Best Buy and Amazon also carry the Balance Folio for the same price; however, Amazon currently has a 2 to 4 week wait.

Griffin Survivor Rugged Folio 10.5 inch iPad Pro case

Griffin Survivor Rugged Folio

Claimed to offer "heavy-duty tablet protection," the Survivor Rugged Folio from Griffin uses polycarbonate and a molded TPU shell equipped with the firm's Impact Dispersion System, which promises to help prevent damaging the enclosed iPad Pro when dropped 4 feet onto a concrete surface. Aside from impacts, the case and Tactical Grip cover are also able to resist stains, grease, and dirt, further protecting its contents.

As with other folio-based cases, the cover can be flipped over and turned into a stand, which can be angled both for typing and for watching video. The built-in magnets in the shell case are used to keep the cover attached, while allowing it to be removed entirely, with the magnets also said to be strong enough to temporarily mount the iPad Pro onto most metal surfaces.

Griffin is selling the Survivor Rugged Folio for $59.99 through its direct store (or through Amazon), but the company also offers the slightly less "rugged" Survivor Journey Folio for the same price, and the Survivor Journey for $29.99.

Case Mate iPad Pro Edition Folio

Case-Mate Edition Folio

Made to be stylish and trendy, the Case-Mate Edition Folio uses a faux-leather exterior with a microfiber interior, complete with a metal accent on the outside flap. The protective internal shell snaps around the iPad Pro 10.5-inch, complete with cut-outs around the edges to access the tablet's buttons, and a small hole on the rear for the camera to see through.

The interior of the folio includes a built-in pocket for holding documents and accessories, including the Apple Pencil. The cover can also angle the iPad Pro two ways, with a higher viewing angle for content consumption, and a lower angle more suited for typing.

Available in black and rose gold versions, the Case-Mate Edition Folio is available for $45.

InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector

While most of the cases in the list will give the iPad Pro some level of protection when carrying it around, it may also be worth considering something to help keep the screen as pristine as possible. InvisibleShield's Glass+ screen protector for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is a smooth tempered glass sheet that you apply to the front of the device, protecting it from scratches.

Using Ion Matrix technology, the screen protector is said to provide advanced impact and shatter protection, while maintaining a clear image and retaining touch sensitivity. Fitted with the firm's Smart EZ Apply tabs to minimize bubbles when applying it to the iPad Pro, the panel also includes an oil-resistant coating that can minimize smudges from daily use.

Offered with a limited lifetime warranty that provides replacements for the life of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro itself, the InvisibleShield Glass+ screen protector is available for $54.99. Or if you want it right away, Best Buy has the Glass+ for $59.99 with free 2-day shipping or free in-store pickup.


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    mgzmgz Posts: 26member
    Whatever happened to Apple's case for the iPad Pro(s), i.e. to protect the back of the iPad? 

    I purchased one for the original 12.9" iPad Pro, and then this year we bought a 10.5" one and I went to get the same case and I can't seem to find it anywhere, nor any mention of why it's gone?

    This is the one I'm talking about, but I only see it for the 9.7" iPad Pro:
    edited July 2017
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    mgz said:
    Whatever happened to Apple's case for the iPad Pro(s), i.e. to protect the back of the iPad? 

    I purchased one for the original 12.9" iPad Pro, and then this year we bought a 10.5" one and I went to get the same case and I can't seem to find it anywhere, nor any mention of why it's gone?

    This is the one I'm talking about, but I only see it for the 9.7" iPad Pro:
    Not sure about Apple's selections but I think you will find the JETech case is very good.  I have it and think it's as good as Apple's old case and is a fraction of the cost.
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    barthrhbarthrh Posts: 115member
    It seems like no one has yet updated their 12.9" cases for the new camera orientation.
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    I am using the new Urban Armor Gear Metropolis for my iPad Pro 10.5 and I believe it is the best case and cover.   It will allow you to use the smart keyboard even with the cover attached.  But I do remove the cover whenever I need to use the Apple smart keyboard. And it has a pen holder at that.  I use a similar one for my old iPad Pro 12.9  and because I had good experiences with that, I waited until UAG came out with their version for the iPad Pro 10.5 .  For sure if I upgrade my IPad Pro 12.9, I will get their the UAG.  The one for that size jjst became available recently.
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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,210member
    Bought Apple's leather sleeve case and it's excellent. I also bought their smart keyboard which is an ideal accessory.
    As for protecting just the back of the iPad, I purchased this item from Amazon:
    "iPad Pro 10.5" Charcoal Gray Color Case---Companion Cover--Perfect Match for Apple Smart Keyboard and Cover".
    Now my iPad is fully protected front and back.



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