Encryption key for iPhone 5s Touch ID exposed, opens door to further research



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    jd_in_sb said:
    The 5S is irrelevant now. They might as well have hacked a UniVac 1. 

    How wrong you are. There are people that still cling to the 4S. The 5S is still very much around.
    I believe that the OP is commenting on the impact of the "achievement" of the hack, not that the 5s is obsolete or landfill fodder. The hack is on an iPhone that's several generations old, which speaks to its (the hack's) irrelevance; the 5s is still in use by many, which speaks to Apple's product quality and durability.

    Apple has moved forward from the 5s, improving functionality, features, and most importantly in this context, security. Even so, Apple built the 5s so well that there are still many satisfied users who were happy to stick with it through the iPhone 6 and 7.
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    I'm waiting for a headline from the media: Apple's TouchID hacked! Is Your iPhone Safe?
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