Google Drive's Backup & Sync app adds support for APFS in macOS High Sierra

in macOS
Google has made a small but crucial update to the Google Drive Backup and Sync client for the Mac, introducing Apple File System compatibility for systems running macOS High Sierra.

A Google staffer quietly confirmed the change in a support post. People wanting the 3.36 update can download it immediately for free via Google's website, or wait for the upgrade to happen automatically within the next week.

Previously, people trying to use Google Drive with the High Sierra beta found it broken, with Backup and Sync unable to read APFS-formatted drives. One workaround has involved moving a Google Drive folder to an external HFS+-formatted disk.

A release date for High Sierra will likely be revealed at Apple's Sept. 12 press event. The software could be out as soon as this month.

Google has separately announced that Backup and Sync's predecessor -- Google Drive for Mac -- will lose support on Dec. 11, and shut down entirely on March 12. Starting next month, users will see messages warning about the impending closure. As an alternative to Backup and Sync, people will also be able to use Drive File Stream, which will reach the public on Sept. 26 and offer file access without having to sync first.


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    And today, it went down. Coincidence?

    Sorry Google, I'll pass, just like I do with everything you offer. It is my data not yours to scan and slurp.

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    ylonylon Posts: 49member
    Sad they don't support non Apple filesystems. #NotMyBackup
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    They also don't support network drives on Windows. Ugh.
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