Qualcomm says Android always first to new technology, takes aim at iPhone X features

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In a post to its website on Monday, cellular industry pioneer Qualcomm claims it helped Android roll out a number of industry firsts, like edge-to-edge OLED displays, augmented reality and facial recognition, many of which are expected to debut as tentpole features of Apple's upcoming iPhone X.

While Qualcomm stops short of referencing Apple by name in its complacent screed, the firm's list of "world firsts" reads like an iPhone X rumor roundup.

For example, among the first items mentioned by Qualcomm is facial recognition, expected by many to be a standout iPhone X feature. Samsung got there first with its Galaxy S8. Qualcomm fails to note the Galaxy S8's face unlock function was defeated at its launch event using nothing more than a digital photo displayed on another S8 screen.

Qualcomm goes on to say it was first to achieve depth sensing via structured light, widely rumored to be an integral component in Apple's so-called "Face ID" system. With iPhone X, Apple is expected to integrate a depth-sensing camera powered by a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), technology that affords highly accurate facial recognition for user authentication.

Augmented reality, another feature primed for launch this fall with ARKit in iOS 11, was first seen in Lenovo's Phab Pro 2, Qualcomm says.

Qualcomm takes direct aim at Apple's reported failure to integrate under-screen Touch ID into iPhone X, noting it was able to integrate the solution into a "reference design handset." The firm also cites this unreleased "reference" platform as the testbed for its structured light system.

The inclusion of research and development hardware is perhaps a tad disingenuous considering Apple, and perhaps others, have likely implemented their own designs in test hardware, but are reticent to share those successes on a public stage.

"We're working on inventing the next set of world firsts and collaborating with partners across the industry to get them into your hands, on a band around your wrist, or with lenses for over your eyes. Here's to the next generation of mobile device start-ups and innovators, competing to bring you the next wave of class-leading Android devices," Qualcomm says. "As before, they'll continue to pave the way for others to come."

The post comes amid a heated court battle between Apple and Qualcomm over the latter's alleged anticompetitive behavior and questionable patent licensing practices. Apple has so far filed a total of 11 international lawsuits against the chipmaker, as well as U.S. litigation, with the first volley fired in January over royalty payments.

Qualcomm has since countersued, claiming Apple's legal barrage is a gambit to secure lower licensing fees.


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    Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land. 
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    gu3stgu3st Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    You only need 10 devices to get all these capabilities!
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    It’s like MP3 players, Apple didn’t make the first MP3 player, but they made the best selling one. Apple always waits to implement new technologies so that they can help people use it more efficiently,
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    gu3st said:
    You only need 10 devices to get all these capabilities!
    I thought the exact same thing. It doesn't matter if you do something first if the rest of the device is bogus. To combine all these things in one device and in a way which makes sense. That's what a product needs.
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    Good gawd, I'm surprised they put out a statement like this.  Here is a list of Android firsts across a 10+ devices that were all a joke.  Tomorrow we will see the culmination of that list in a single device that is actually awesome, polished, highly functional, and highly useful..... not to mention better by a mile in every single way.

    Its not about being first, its about being the best and being right.  And in many cases Apple is first; however, even when they are, they still don't drop it on us until its ready to be the best.
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    Just because one publicise first, does not make it first to the technology. Only a sore loser would claim that every mud he threw to the wall would stick 'properly'.
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    Qualcomm: "As before, they'll continue to pave the way for others to come."

    ...and conquer.

    See previous examples:
      - MP3 players
      - Smartphones
      - Tablets
      - Smart watches
      - Wireless headphones

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     I bet QUALCOMM is feeling frustrated right about now, because they have all this Tech and no real software to support it 😂
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    iqatedoiqatedo Posts: 1,761member
    When I see 'Android' and 'facial recognition' written in the same paragraph, I (not so) subconsciously insert 'picture recognition' for the latter. 
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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,553member
    Very sad to watch Qualcomm attempting to try this case in the court of public opinion - when so few people even know who they are or what they do. They are a component and technology provider with little to no public image for everyday consumers. Apple on the other hand is known by nearly everyone and loved by very many. All of the major news sites have articles about Apple's announcement event tomorrow. None of them have any mention about what's happening with Qualcomm and their, unbeknownst to the world at large, amazing contributions to the android universe. Maybe Qualcomm should try to build a Qualcomm branded product that ends up in billions end-user's hands and is micro analyzed and judged by anyone and everyone on the planet who has an opinion one way or the other. That's a level of scrutiny that Qualcomm doesn't have to deal with as a behind-the-scenes contributor. Qualcomm is a good company and is filled with good people who work in some amazing places. They make lots of money. Why mess with success and engage in a nasty public spat with a partner company that so many revere? The last thing they should want is everyone learning about who they are - for the wrong reasons. Just my two cents worth of perspective.
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    tzeshantzeshan Posts: 2,351member
    gu3st said:
    You only need 10 devices to get all these capabilities!
    Excellent point!  And the much touted AR is available on what device?  Not on S8?  Not on Note 8?  I am disappointed. I think the reason is Qualcomm makes implementation very difficult.
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    But...at least Apple's versions of these "firsts" work.  :|
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    tmaytmay Posts: 5,814member
    Qualcomm isn't even worth mocking any more, so, they have to take the task on themselves.
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    Qualcomm just digging the hole deeper. It shows what a crap company culture it has by turning adversarial in picking sides when Apple isn't the only one suing to get things right. 

    And a a list of firsts... by other companies... does what for Qualcomm exactly? Do they really think this will sell their chips?

    as others have said, you'd need to buy many devices to have all of that functionality - and even then, those devices use questionable implementation.

    apple has been talking up and working on serious AR for years - even eschewing VR when everyone was telling them to do VR. Apple has also been working on real world 3D sensing tech for a long time as well ever since they bought that Israeli firm that created the Kinect tech. 

    We we are now going to see the fruit of their Labors. 

    Touch ID was awesome because they thought it through - from the sapphire cover to the chips to the secure enclave. Samsung copied quickly and it sucked. 

    Apple Pay is another great maneuver that was implemented right. 

    Visual voicemail as invented by apple. And now it's the standard. 

    Favetime revolutionized video calls. 

    Some things apple is first on and nonone no one catches up. 

    Mother things they add in, but make sure to do it the best it can be done. 

    Its why apple doesnt have to attack anyone. They just worry about making the best products in the world. Everyone else can waste time, profits, and energy trying to manipulate people away from Apple and toward them.

    Qualcomm.. who'd have known they were so petty.  

    Any company pretending that implementing a solution in an unreleased REFERENCE design is compareable to s shopping product is accompany you should not trust with your valuable purchasing power. That's as shady as it gets. 

    Kind of funny how how they had to publish a note mentioning that they've modified their table after publishing. A bit rushed to get it in early enough before iPhone event eh? Lol

    still can't believe they want to take credit for things like hdr or a 4k display. Wow. 
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,043member
    Lots of one-hit-wonders listed there. Where can I get a bunch of those great technologies or ones like'em in one device that actually works?
    Oh, yeah, Apple.
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    How often do we hear these tired tropes. At least they can take some cold comfort in their lonely little world while Apple goes nukular on them in the coming battle.

    FFIW, I started out my career in the mid 70's in a professional laboratory hand processing E3 and C22 film in a manual sink line, I mention this because colour fidelity was the key to getting along in this industry. Some of the most finicky photographers would bring their 120 rolls to get them processed rather than take them to large facilities. The reversal on E3 was done by hand meaning that one had to physically wave a bright incandescent light over the rolls after they went through the hardener. I had to unroll and hand reverse them for this otherwise there would be an almost imperceptible red colour shift, maybe about 2 or 3 CC. Later on in my career when early digital printing onto film may have taken 4 hours to run off an 11x14 tranny, if there was the tiniest colour shift between the test and the final, all hell would break loose. 

    It was even worse with hand C type printing where a balance had to be made between skin tones neutrals and overall looks. This is all moot now with the miracles of end to end digital. But what I'm getting at is that I feel I am qualified to pass judgement on the Samsung OLED displays when I inspect them in a shop, which I do from time to time. I had a look at the new Galaxy S8 a few days ago against a iPhone 7 and speaking purely from an objective viewpoint the colour reproduction was abysmal. If I worked to that crappy standard I'd have been out of a job before I even started. The flesh tones are ridiculous, the contrast, the garishness everything is just wrong. I was quite surprised as I did expect something better. With top quality photos maybe it is fine, but when it comes down to images that are not perfect then it cannot find a balance that works.  I really don't understand all the praise that is heaped on them. Also the Galaxy S8 with it's curved screen is atrocious, really ugly in comparison to not just iPhone but some other Android devices. But there you go.
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    In the old days no one gave shit about who invented or made the first colour cathode ray tube we just cared about who made the best.
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    teknishn said:
    Good gawd, I'm surprised they put out a statement like this. 
    Its not about being first, its about being the best and being right. 
    Sounds like desperation to me.

    This is the key to features: Calling a feature by the same name as does another manufacturer, does not make that feature the equal of the other.

    Qualcomm is acting like a petulant child.  It hasn't been successful in its initial defensive moves against Apple's assertions, so Qualcomm has stooped to indirectly bad mouthing the Company and its products.

    Can't wait until Apple no longer needs Qualcomm.  Come on Intel.
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    tzeshan said:
    gu3st said:
    You only need 10 devices to get all these capabilities!
    Excellent point!  And the much touted AR is available on what device?  Not on S8?  Not on Note 8?  I am disappointed. I think the reason is Qualcomm makes implementation very difficult.
    Google's Android implementation of AR is hardware based with the necessary software residing in the Cloud.  That is why there is only ONE AR ready Android device.  None of the cheap/low cost iPhone clone wannabe's is willing to include hardware for a "feature" that is Cloud dependent and there are no 3rd party applications to exploit it.

    Google, Samsung, Qualcomm can say whatever they want about who introduced AR first.  The reality is that Apple will be the ONLY firm that includes AR it on all of the new iPhones, will work on two year old iPhones and will have a slew (hundreds/thousands?) of AR applications on the App Store within a year.

    In my opinion Apple is at least 3 years ahead of Android's AR effort.  By the time Android can do what iOS does today it will be game over.
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    Newsflash - it's just been revealed that Apple did NOT invent the telephone !! Neither did they invent or discover the LCD, OLED, LioN battery, glass, aluminium, touch display, wrist watch, leather, JPEG encoding, digital camera, SIM, cellular phone technology, or IP37 rated devices. They were not first to market with any of it! I just don't know why people buy their blatantly derivative stuff!
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