Watch: Everything revealed in last week's iOS 11 GM leak

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The golden master version of Apple's iOS 11 leaked out of Cupertino this weekend, revealing a number of new hardware and software features expected for unveiling at a special media event on Tuesday. AppleInsider runs you through it all, in just under 5 minutes.

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    sennensennen Posts: 1,466member
    No thanks, I'll wait for the event.
    kevin keegilly33
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    If I recall correctly the leaker noted that Apple Pay wasn't visible on the Face ID screen likely due to Apple Pay not being available in his region.
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    Guys why do you use so many different fonts with colors on your videos? Don't you have branding guidelines to keep consistent with the webpage? Just keep it keep it sleek and simple (with 1 readable font). Everything in the video looks and sounds great, including the motion graphics you add, but graphic design leaves much to be desired. Also, in some Chrome browsers, (at work and on my iPhone) your web page trends gets stuck to the bottom on middle of the page. I think is has to do with the videos ads, the page just try load those first and get the page stuck at that level.
    [Deleted User]
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    Just something unrelated. I wonder who is the guy at the end of the video? I presume he is one of the AI staff?
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 12,902member
    jsmythe00 said:
    sennen said:
    No thanks, I'll wait for the event.
    Wasn't anything you haven't already heard via the rumor mill with every year I have to find creative ways to watch the event while looking like I'm working. :-)

    I have tomorrow off.   Once in a while the horrors of working weekends make up for themselves.

    Honestly the most interesting thing here, to me, is the rumored new iPod Touch.    I was afraid that the iPod line was about to be completely scrapped so this gives me some hope that Touch and other new devices are about to debut.
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    Give it a rest already. I don't care I'm still stoked about tomorrow. Work prevents me from following the live event will watch the recording on Apple TV. No forums, no tech sites. Nada. We reveal every leak, photos, code whatever and we the bumbling fans boys read this stuff and some dip shit will be complaining this was lackluster year for Apple. Vicious effing cycle. Looking forward to getting the homepods when they go on sale, next gen Apple TV and iPhone 8 or X whatever the hell its call for my wife. I'll hang on to my 7 plus for now. Someone at Apple needs their arse fired over this thing. Nuff said.
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    sennen said:
    No thanks, I'll wait for the event.
    sennen said:
    No thanks, I'll wait for the event.
    Good for you Sennen. I plan to do the same. I'm weaning myself of these sites bit by bit now. Every damn thing that spills they must reveal. 
    edited September 2017
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    My favorite feature is iOS 11 for the iPad Pro.  
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