Samsung tries to steal Apple's iPhone X thunder by teasing foldable Galaxy Note in 2018



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    let me guess-- killer feature is spontaneous combustion?  hahaha, GTFO samsung
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    When the first iPad was announced, Microsoft tried the same thing: announcing a folding tablet. It's been 7 years, and they still have not released it!
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    Samsung like a desperate child stomping their feet and holding their breath for attention.
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    Potentially hope-to-ship novelty tech with no OS support < Polished soon-to-ship product with full OS support
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    Foldable phones? When the technology is perfected and reliable, Apple will bring it to market.
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    fallenjt said:
    razormaid said:
    Apple filed a few patents for this back in 2020 (I believe) so they have been working on it too.

    oops. Wrong timeline.
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    "As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year," the president of mobile business at Samsung Electronics, D.J. Koh, told a group of reporters …
    Well, well, well … any relation to our favourite judge ?
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    Disclaimer: D.J. Koh is not a real D.J.
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