How to find the 32-bit apps on your iPhone or iPad that won't work in iOS 11 at all



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    crosslad said:
    Well, well, well... iOS Photos is really screwed up. Quite a few photos and videos no longer appear in Photos and appear to be unrecoverable. Thanks a lot, Apple.

    And it is utterly inexplicable why the hell they decided to bury AirDrop inside of the Control Center wifi panel (accessible with a long press). Completely bizarre.
    Whenever I go to share a file, Airdrop seems to be available. I am fine with that. 
    I haven't been able to share an AirDropped file to my desktop from my own iOS device... ever. What's even stranger:  I can AirDrop to other Apple desktops.
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    tshort said:
    And of course, many of the Apps that are 32-bit only are no longer on the AppStore, examples:
    • FlightControl
    Yah, that's the one that will hurt the most.   Still love the game, and pissed they didn't 'feel like' moving it forward.

    But, about half of the other 32bit apps I was able to go to the developers site/twitter feed to find that 64 bit versions are coming, they just aren't ready yet, so I have to remember to 'not delete' those so when the updates come, I'll automatically get the new versions...
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