Review: Buying a contract free, certified used Apple iPhone from Gazelle



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    Based on my experience in attempting to SELL an iPhone to Gazelle, I would not do business with them if they were giving away phones for free.

    In their marketing to solicit upgraders to sell their used phones, they bait-and-switch their offers, claiming defects where there are none, and outright lying about phones sent in to them, in order to justify lowering the offering price. I suspect that their business model depends upon most sellers of used phones concluding that since Gazelle already has the phone, they should just accept $10 less than they expected to receive.

    When I refused to play their game, they didn't return my phone as promised until I called twice to enquire about it. Their customer service people are clueless, and arrogant as well. Terrible company. I hope AI will better consider the quality of companies with whom it chooses to partner.
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