This week on AI: iPhone X preorders sell out fast, Apple preps family-friendly TV & more

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The iPhone X of course was the leading story this week, instantly selling out of launch-day units when preorders opened on Friday. Rumors also swirled around compromises Apple may have made, and the company's plans for big-budget TV shows.

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Everything you need to know:

  • iPhone X preorders started at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time on Friday > >
  • Shipping delays quickly shot to between 5 and 6 weeks > >
  • A limited number of phones should be available in Apple stores > >
  • Production bottlenecks could cause a dramatic unit shortfall > >
  • Apple denied compromises to Face ID for the sake of smoother production > >
  • The company is allegedly prepping a family-friendly TV slate for 2019 > >
  • An Apple v. Samsung damages retrial starts on May 14 > >
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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

Apple's iPhone X goes up for preorder online

Apple sells out of launch day iPhone X supply in matter of minutes

Apple stores will have iPhone X launch units for walk-in customers -- but arrive early

Supply chain suggests Apple will only get half of the iPhone X deliveries it wants in 2017

Apple denies it reduced accuracy of Face ID to aid iPhone X production

Apple aims to debut TV slate in 2019, sans any HBO-style risque content

Apple versus Samsung patent damages retrial slated to start May 14

Review: Logitech's Circle 2 Wired is the best camera with Apple's HomeKit - for now

Fifth iOS 11.1, fourth tvOS 11.1 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 developer betas arrive

Third man charged in celebrity iCloud, Gmail hacking investigation

Apple Pay goes live in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and United Arab Emirates

Apple's Angela Ahrendts calls rumors of being Cook's successor 'fake news'

Apple acquires wireless charging specialist PowerbyProxi

Apple hires Jay Hunt to serve as European creative director for original video

Supposed watchOS 4.1 GM release notes tip music streaming, GymKit integration

First Look: Yale Assure Lock SL with iM1 HomeKit-compatible networking module

Review: Logitech's Craft Advanced Keyboard increases productivity, but app support is limited

Google engineer proves any iPhone app with permission to access the camera is capable of spying

Apple, other tech companies back LGBT cause in Supreme Court case involving wedding cake baker

Apple seeks permission from SEC to exclude proposal tying executive diversity metrics to CEO performance

Apple debuts $149 leather 12-inch MacBook sleeve


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    The Apple Store website was late coming up in the UK and the Apple Store App just didn't work. Neither did Apple Pay when I eventually used the safari. So I missed the initial launch date and waiting till end of November. Least not too far off!
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    512ke512ke Posts: 782member
    This is a comment about Apple's apparent strategy of producing "splashy dramas" that are "family friendly".

    Breaking Not So Bad
    The Tudors *architecture show
    Orange (Juice) is the New Black 
    The Sopranos (reality show about church choir members)
    Mildly Stranger Things
    Game of Thrones for Kidz
    House of Cards: Go Fish Edition

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    that's cute, that old apple marketing 101 trick;) 
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