Super Mario Run, other apps updated to support iPhone X display and Face ID

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With Apple's iPhone X due to launch on Friday, developers, including Apple itself, are rolling out updates to take advantage of the device's larger Super Retina OLED display and unique features like Face ID authentication.

Apple earlier today released a new version of GarageBand which, along with Asian drum instruments and fresh sequencer effects, added compatibility with iPhone X's extra large display.

Other developers are following suit, with Nintendo releasing a tweaked version of its hit game Super Mario Run that preps the title for iPhone X launch day.

Specifically, the endless runner-style game has been adapted to fit Apple's 5.8-inch Super Retina display. It is unclear whether Nintendo opted to "embrace the notch" and make Super Mario Run run in true full-screen glory or decided to crop out the "ear" areas surrounding Apple's TrueDepth camera array.

In addition to iPhone X support, the game update addresses an issue where players were unable to perfectly clear a course. The latest version also fixes a problem in which some items failed to appear in the Notebook.

Super Mario Run is free to download from the iOS App Store, but requires a $10 in-app purchase to unlock the entire game.

App makers are also integrating Face ID into their wares. Both Chase Mobile and Progressive now support Face ID logins, securing the apps using Apple's latest biometric technology. In addition to Face ID compatibility, Progressive's app adds expanded chat options.

Face ID relies on an advanced array of components, including a dot projector, flood illuminator and an infrared camera, to build a 3D model of a user's face, which is then compared against encrypted authentication data stored in an onboard secure element. According to Apple, there is a 1 in a million chance that a random person can unlock iPhone X using Face ID.

The technology is an improvement over Touch ID fingerprint recognition in terms of accuracy and performance, equating to enhanced security for iPhone X owners. Apple's APIs allow third-party developers to take advantage of Face ID, a boon for app makers marketing titles that deal in sensitive information like bank account data.

Chase Mobile and Progressive are free downloads from the iOS App Store.

As iPhone X launch day approaches, more app updates taking advantage of Face ID, Super Retina and other iPhone X-exclusive functions are expected to hit the App Store. Last week, Apple called on called on developers to code and test their updated software for full iPhone X compatibility ahead of Friday's hardware release.


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    Didn't Apple say that apps which already support Touch ID will automatically support Face ID?
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