Post count gone? I like it

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OK, i ahve not been here long-around 3 months, but I really dont mind this no post count thing at all... initially I really liked the idea of a post count, but after johnathan removed it, it seems completely unnecessary... maybe an option in the profile to toggle them on or off individually would be a good compromise? I personally would keep mine off...


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I was a little confused at first, because I can sometimes tell whose post I'm reading by looking at the post count if there name has scrolled off the screen (EmAn and applenut immediately spring to mind). And I like being able to see how much I've posted. But I think I'll like it eventually. It's just different.
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    ricrocketricrocket Posts: 142member
    Okay - so no more post count...

    If this is the case though, I'd like to make a suggestion: add more rankings to the boards.

    I'm not complaining for myself, but I've seen people here (previously) with a couple hundred posts to their credit being listed as "Junior Members" - the same tag that applies to someone who has only posted twice!

    The whole "It's not what how much you post, but the quality of the post" argument has validity, and I do get sick of people getting high off of their stratospheric post counts....however, give us a little bit of fun!!

    Frequenting other forums such as and is so much more of a *fun* and visually stimulating experience. I can understand that avatars and images in signatures can crowd up the page, blah, blah, blah - but now we've reached new depths of minimalism here! The left column is virtually as stark as a Malevich!!

    C'mon - throw me a bone people!

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