Watch: The best tvOS games for Apple TV 4K



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    What happened to that cool racing game where you go through cities and crash other cars and get all kinds of nitrous, along with cool music! -- cannot seem to find it on the tvOS App Store anymore but forgot the name.  Used to play it for hours on ATV 4th Gen!  Anyone recall the name?  
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    Sounds like Asphalt 8...

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    gustavgustav Posts: 826member
    We can argue about whether it’s a console or not, if it has the correct API, but the bottom line is if we want console-quality games then we have to pay them.

    It’s not hard to figure out why we don’t have games that normally cost $50+ on a platform where customers routinely complain “I gotta pay $9.99?!? What a ripoff!”
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