60W A1184 AC Adapter no charge light

in Genius Bar

I have a 60W A1184 Magsafe AC adapter for my 13 in 2008 Macbook. I don't have a battery for my macbook, so I used that as a compromise. It was working when I plugged it in at my job around 8:30p.m. last night but when I got home and plugged it in around 10:01p.m. it didn't work. I tried other outlets in my house on the adapter, and it still wouldn't activate. I tapped the L style connector to make sure all the prongs aren't sunken in, that wasn't it. But when I jiggle the plug, the charge light flashes green for a few seconds before shutting off.


Is there anyway I can fix this?


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    I've had several Apple adapters die on me like this. Basically nothing you can do except buy another one. Pretty cheap on eBay, about $15 or so. Go for the used, genuine Apple chargers. I've had 3rd party ones that were okay, but better safe than sorry.
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