Review: Kwikset Premis HomeKit lock chews through batteries, disappoints



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    I have the black version of this lock, and batteries last about 3 months with day to day use.

    One thing I find the review inaccurate on was that the black plastic cover is held on to the plate by a screw. You can actually choose to unscrew the plastic cover and then you would have easy access to the battery by simply removing the cover. This would bypass the 3 philips screw issue.
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    I installed mine in October 2017 and am at 10% battery life so I'd say battery life is pretty good. Overall, this lock was not only easy peasy to install, but a pleasure to use on a dally basis. Good looking too. I bundled it with Kwikset 720TNL 11P RCAL RCS 97200-700 Tustin Hall/Closet Lever, Venetian Bronze for $30 so we have a closing (read: not locking) door lever for when we're out doing yard work and in/out a lot. Easy enough to change any of the settings, we especially like the timed lock function. Although, I insist the kids manually lock it anyway (good habit to keep up). 
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