Aksoldotna on the liberal failure thread in FSC

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....looks to me like aksoldotna couldn't post here because of his beliefs. I went back and read this thread---and as soon as he got on hassan started riding him. After he made a point on Reagan somehow that had something to do with aksolodot's belief in a young earth.

So are you allowed to have people answer your points on these forums only if you subscribe in certain beliefs? What did that have to do with politics? Why wasn't he allowed to make his point?


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    OK. I shouldn't have done it. I acknowledge this.

    What he should have done was to ignore me and post to topic and make me look foolish.

    I'd like to suggest also that the way he expressed his beliefs did nothing for his popularity. Everyone here's pretty fond of Fellowship.
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    Ok you said it. Ignore time?
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