Phone from 'The Matrix' resurrected in the modernized Nokia 8110 Reloaded



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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 1,811member
    I had a feature phone until just a few years ago. Now that I've gone to a smart phone I could not go back. The "phone" part is the least important ability of the device for me. E-mail, messaging, photography, maps, web searches, notifications, all of those are now indispensable. I couldn't go back. This is like if someone made a new updated MacSE. That's cool, but it just doesn't meet my needs any more.
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,749member
    cincymac said:
    I think it's the Motorola Razr.
    Yea, possible. When I look at the photos, I seem to remember it being a bit more thin, and was thinking it wasn't Motorola, but fairly close to that.

    command_f said:
    I don't think the target audience for this phone is the readers here. There are some that can't/don't want to use a smart phone and who would love a feature phone (like we used to have...). The key question for that audience is still likely to be ergonomics though: if that's right then the phone will find a market.
    Yes, I think there could be a big market for a semi-smart phone. If someone can do a pretty good interface to some basic stuff like address book, calendar, email, texting, browsing... that might about do it (i.e.: wouldn't need a whole app-store and such). Even the old phones had that ability, it's just that the UIs were so horrific that they were kind of like VCR programming, in that few used them.

    zroger73 said:
    The Motorola Razr didn't go on sale until 2004. I had a matte black one until 2007 when I bought my first iPhone. I LOVED MY RAZR. Most of my friends had them. My mom had a pink one and dad had a blue one.
    Yea, this would have been mid-2001 and it wasn't just brand-new (from what I remember) as a friend had one for a while already. So, it wasn't the RAZR then.

    JaiOh81 said:
    Motorola V60? That and the startac were my favorite phones before my crackberry 
    Bingo! I think it was the StarTac. It did what it was supposed to do really well, and was very small and sleek. So, I guess it was a Motorola. My how they've fallen. I'm also an amateur radio guy, and remember that once upon a time, Motorola was king of communications.
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,402moderator
    One of the more remote and obscure onramps to the mobile lifestyle.  If Samsung Galaxy owner’s are next year’s iPhone adopters, then perhaps the customers of these things will finally get to an iPhone around about 2028.  But all roads eventually lead to iPhone. 
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    xbit said:
    Continuing a pattern of reviving older smartphones
    The original Nokia 8110 wasn't a smartphone. It wasn't even a feature phone. 

    Cool design for the time though. I had one the follow-up phones (the 7110) and I can confirm that the spring-loaded panel was super awesome.
    I too had a 7110, loved it at the time. I think it was the last Nokia I owned before a run of Sony-Ericcson devices - the camera and walkman (not to mention build quality) features on the Sonys were awesome, so much so I felt I actually took a step back with the iPhone 3G when I upgraded.
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    crowleycrowley Posts: 9,098member
    I like it, especially the yellow.  Different.  Would make a good backup for when I want to have the means to be contacted on me, but don't want to carry a £1150 smartphone, which is not irregular.

    Nokia's demise was a massive loss for the industry, but great to see that they're clawing their way back up.  I hope it's a success.
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    Still got my 7110 with the spring loaded slide.  Use it as a backup phone next to my iPhone X.

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    Are they going to sell other retro-antiques, like the phone with the auto-dialing mod attached?
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    This was my favorite pre-iPhone. Seimans 55. It was like a little bar of soap...super cool! :)
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    This was my favorite pre-iPhone -- a Nokia 8860. It was ultra modern at the time. I spent $400 on it and people thought I was crazy. Heh.

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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,246member
    I don't get this at all.  First 2MP camera?  If there's one thing people really want with their phones, it's a Great Camera.  2MP is pretty old.  That's like 10-year-old tech.  I just don't see how bringing back OLD phones with minor updates help them.  Were these not the same phones that basically put them out of business?

    If the slider doesn't actually pop out on its own, why have it?  That just makes it extra lame.
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    This was my favorite pre-iPhone -- a Nokia 8860. It was ultra modern at the time. I spent $400 on it and people thought I was crazy. Heh.

    For comparison, it was announced May 1999; that's $596.55 in January 2018 money.
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    This was my favorite pre-iPhone -- a Nokia 8860. It was ultra modern at the time. I spent $400 on it and people thought I was crazy. Heh.

    For comparison, it was announced May 1999; that's $596.55 in January 2018 money.
    And still almost half of what my latest smartphone cost. 
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    I personally think that, this is good for home phone, or something like you put this phone at home for just occasional purposes,  and just want to bring back the nostalgia. For so many years i already attached to bigger touch screen, so it is not reliable for me now to use this phone (if i need to buy it)
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    evilutionevilution Posts: 1,398member
    None of the Nokia candybar type phones had a decent camera, even the 5mp pumped out some crap quality photos.
    I wish they’d make one with a decent 8mp camera in an old Nokia design. I’d buy it.
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    The original had the mic on the lid.
    Reason for lid was to get mic closer to mouth.
    I'd guess the new one's lid just blocks the mic.
    Epic design, meh...
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