Apple Music loses hip-hop and R&B curator to Spotify



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    NotsofastNotsofast Posts: 370member
    I think it goes to the "discoverability" and curation problem.  Hip hop/rap, etc., are a dominant genre among a lot of listeners, so it makes sense that so much of it is front and center, especially with Apple bringing on Beats founders when they bought Beats.  Problem is people who don't like it, or the profanity and sexist/misogynistic language, etc., still get bombarded with it when they open the app or listen to Beats 1.  You can set up your own "stations," etc., but many folks don't want to bother with that.  If Apple could offer a Beats 2, 3, 4, etc., with pop. classical, country, etc., and find way to have music genres people don't like omitted from offerings,  it would make for a better experience.
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 2,686member
    rmfpdx said:
    I'd be happy if Apple Music lost all rap music to Spotify. There is far too much of it. Every time I check to see what the latest pop hits are, there is rap, and much of it unbelievably foul, offensive, sexist, violent, and misogynistic, none of which I want in my head. Please, Spotify, take the "curator" of this dreck and all of it with you!
    What kind of service would AM be if they heavily censored artists? You could just take some responsibility for yourself and avoid albums with the very clear E for explicit icon and let the rest of the non-pearl clutching world listen to what they enjoy. 
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