Apple highlights Apple Pencil support in new 9.7-inch iPad ads

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Adding to a slate of new commercials pushing this year's 9.7-inch iPad revamp, Apple on Monday published a series of four short ads touting the tablet's compatibility with Apple Pencil.

iPad with Apple Pencil advertisement

Currently available for viewing through Apple's regional UK YouTube channel, the 12- to 17-second spots highlight unique Apple Pencil capabilities like image markup, drawing and writing, all features previously restricted to iPad Pro. Each video segment is set to the tune "Masterpiece" by NONONO.

A first video illustrates iPad's newfound note-taking abilities, showing a disembodied hand highlighting the words "Apple Pencil" -- with an Apple Pencil -- on an iPad. The user zooms out to reveal a page of iPad and Apple Pencil related notes, sketches and drawings completed in the app Notability.

The second ad shows an artist doodling on a photo using Tayasui Sketches Pro, an app that offers a wide array of drawing and sketching tools. Here, Apple slyly works in a demonstration of Apple Pencil's intuitive input controls by selecting the app's calligraphy brush tool, which varies line thickness based on tilt and pressure.

A third ad shows what Apple Pencil can do with Keynote and iOS 11. Tapping on Files in the app drawer, the user selects an image of Apple Pencil and performs a drag-and-drop operation to insert the picture into their Keynote project. They then seamlessly pick up a real Apple Pencil to draw a few accents on the slide using Apple's built-in tools.

Finally, Apple promotes iOS 11's Markup feature, which allows users to take a screenshot, add annotations and save or send the image to other users via share sheets.

Since unveiling the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad at an education-focused event last month, Apple has been keen to play up the tablet's integration with its bespoke stylus. Previously restricted to iPad Pro models, Apple Pencil support opens the door to fast and accurate writing, image annotation, drawing and more.

Aside from the capacitive layer that makes Apple Pencil input possible, the new iPad gets an upgraded A10 Fusion processor. To keep costs down to an affordable $329, Apple retained legacy technology like a non-laminated display, 8MP camera and first-generation Touch ID.

The company's first 2018 iPad ads aired earlier this month when the budget model was lumped in with iPad Pros as part of a tutorial series.


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    seanismorrisseanismorris Posts: 1,624member
    I think Apple is out of touch with how the Apple Pencil will actually be used.  

    I see a college student taking notes in class using the pencil, then typing them out later.

    What Apple is showing is more what a teacher would do correcting papers.

    The Pencil would be great for math.  

    But Apple’s artsy stuff is only useful for a small percentage of students...

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    I agree with SeanisMorris: The Apple Pencil, while a technological marvel, seems to have limited uses, mostly artistic.

    I am about as far from being an artist as one can get (I struggle with stick men!).  So, that perhaps colors my perspective.  But even my 5th grade grandson, sees no use for the pencil.   He loves his 2018 iPad but, while he liked the pencil, he seemed to think of it more as a toy and didn't think he would use it enough to make the cost worthwhile.  

    Even when doing art, he is oriented towards using paper -- where he starts something in school on paper they give him and then finishes it at home.

    The one use I could see for it would be on a task I used to do years back:  long, complicated proposals.  For the final edit I liked to print them out and read them on paper making markings on the paper of the changes I wanted to make.  Theoretically, the iPad & pencil could function that way...  But, for that to be effective, Apple would need to add a holder to the keyboard/case to hold the pencil.  But since the iPad's external keyboard lacks the touchpad needed for high end document preparation, most documents would be prepared on a laptop and then printed anyway (at least in an office type environment).
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    Inane ad on markup, imho. At least a long runway for improvement. When Texture is revamped hope they make some ad spots for YouTube marking up magazine pages. Like a new chord in guitar mag. Whose sound you might pluck in GarageBand, then wail away when get real instrument in your garage. 
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    Wow, people are really struggling to come up with something negative about Apple Pencil support being added to the standard iPad. It's an accessory. If you don't feel you need it, you don't buy it.
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    Yes. It ios worth it. $99 dollar pencil nees to sell because all of iPads including older versions support $10 non-recharible pencils available from Amazon. Works very well during business meetings to take notes.
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    Hmmm, well I have the Apple Pencil and while I still haven't worked it into my routine and process flow as much as I would have liked it's a mater of small steps. Notes Plus has been good fro bridging the Hand-writing to Text for myself but there are plenty of options. It's a few steps more than my old Apple Newton but the core result is still the same, I can write up my noes and have them convert to text and then review and correct them later.

    While it would have been nice for Apple to provide a Keyboard / Case combination which better catered for the Apple Pencil, if the current purchasing pattern is that fewer people buy an Apple Pencil than don't then we'd have a bunch of people complaining about their case being fouled by a Apple Pencil holder they aren't using.

    There are a number of inexpensive options from the old Elastic Pocket which goes on the Keyboard Case (this is what I used previously myself and it worked great), to the iPad Rear Case which has an Apple Pencil holder built-in (this is my current approach). Heck, you could even resort to using the Microsoft Surface Pen Holder (which is a glorified piece of self-adhesive Velcro) if need be.

    I think it's great than they have lowered the entry requirements for using the Apple Pencil and that this is likely a first step on a bigger path.
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    Wow, people are really struggling to come up with something negative about Apple Pencil support being added to the standard iPad. It's an accessory. If you don't feel you need it, you don't buy it.
    Nice troll!
    But no...  Nobody is trying to find something negative about Apple Pencil.   Sorry to disappoint you!

    And no, Apple is not pushing it as a minor trinket, but as a significant add-on that sets the iPad apart.  While they mostly ignore the external keyboard, they push the Apple Pencil heavily.  And, people are simply pointing out that, while it is a great device, except for a very limited audience, it has very limited usefulness.

    If you are one of few who find usefulness in it, then GO FOR IT!  And, enjoy!  It's a marvelous device if you need it.
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    Avid MacAvid Mac Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    These ads are far below Apple's usually-high standards. They don't begin to show off the potential. And the "music"??? Puhleeeze!
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