Rumor: Apple working on new device family under codename 'Star' [u]



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    Here's my prediction/tech fantasy. What if the rumored device is just a dock that can tie two new iPad Pros together ala that old MS Courier concept everyone seemed to dig? If they incorporated some fancy predictive Force-Touch tech to make the on screen keyboard (and other UI elements) give tactile feedback when typing, then when you docked two together you could have a pretty good iOS laptop kind of thing-- or use it like a book, or flat... it'd be pretty versatile. I'd imagine with such a design they'd want to incorporate a little bit of rubber around the edges of these hypothetical new iPad Pros, or something more grippy than aluminum or steel anyway, so as to increase hand-holdability, since it seems likely the display sizes will grow leading to smaller bezels all around-- but also as a stand in for the little rubber feet on the bottom of laptops for when you've docked it into the hinge with another iPad. It'd be a good way for Apple to sell more iPads, and it would certainly make the "Pro" iPads stand apart from the feature gaining entry level iPad. Probably never happen, but it's fun to dream.
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,424member
    Soli said:
    Hopefully people are past the simplistic notion that ARM = iOS and Intel = macOS, but I doubt I could be so lucky. 

    It’s just a shame Steve won’t be around to give a sly jab to all the people who didn’t see it coming. (starting at 3:33)

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 5,289member
    mcdave said:

    Apple doesn't need a new device family to make an iPad work as a laptop.  Nor does it need a new device family to make a MacBook work as an iPad....
    ...  To one you add a cursor and you're there.  To the other you add a touchscreen that flips and you're there...  Neither is a big deal.
    Er no.  That’s what MS did with Windows and what Samsung did with Android. Neither solution works well.
    Yeh, and Samsung had the first smart phone.   I guess that makes the iPhone a horrible idea.  I better throw mine away....
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,151member
    crowley said:
    crowley said:
    Though they could also just choose to keep calling this new version macOS and simply state that in version 10._ they're breaking compatibility and dropping a ton of APIs and requiring developers to use the new ones.

    I would imagine that's the point that you start talking about macOS 11, not 10.x

    Though I agree with you, and think there would be good name recognition from a common OS name, especially if this supposed new product line comes under a new brand.

    Mac, with OS
    iPhone, with OS
    iPad, with OS
    Tv, with OS
    "Star", with OS

    That's a good consumer sell, even if it loses a bit of clarity for developers.  I think Apple cares more about the consumer.
    Don't quit your day jobs, guys, really... Nope, Apple is not going to switch everything over to "Apple OS", nor is that a good consumer sell.
    I didn't say they would, or should, though I think they could.  You're going to have to explain to me how having four different brandings for their operating systems leads to better name recognition for consumers than having one.
    Because consumers don't give a shit about the name of the OS. That's it. As a techie enthusiast you're waaay over thinking this. Normals buy an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac, an Apple Watch... they're not going to spend any clock cycles on what the name of its OS is. The OS is relevant to devs. But ask my dad what OS his Apple TV is running and why he should care and he won't have any idea what you're talking about. 
    Yet It always surprises me how many mac users no matter how techy can tell which California location or big Cat their computer is running. To the point if they made this universal across the line I'd think it would do well. In that users would know if they are running AppleOS Mojave* (or just Mojave) on all their devices they'll work together.

    Yes then only the developers and store front care about which in the range they are targeting, but that is how it should be.

    *Just picking the most rumoured candidate. I guess next year will be Mojave Flats if true.

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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,151member
    cornchip said:
    Soli said:
    Hopefully people are past the simplistic notion that ARM = iOS and Intel = macOS, but I doubt I could be so lucky. 

    It’s just a shame Steve won’t be around to give a sly jab to all the people who didn’t see it coming. (starting at 3:33)

    I'm sure he had a good laugh after convincing everyone no 3rd Party apps when it was really obvious from that video there would be 3rd party apps.
    Also they had only sold 100million iPods then the phone launched by 2012 they were selling that a year. 
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    SoliSoli Posts: 9,382member
    cornchip said:
    Soli said:
    Hopefully people are past the simplistic notion that ARM = iOS and Intel = macOS, but I doubt I could be so lucky. 
    It’s just a shame Steve won’t be around to give a sly jab to all the people who didn’t see it coming. (starting at 3:33)
    While us plebs were call calling it iOS because it was the simplest shorthand for conversation, Apple was still trying to figure out what to call it.

    I think they first referred to it as iPhone firmware. At another point iPhone OS X, and I think iPhone OS at another point before finally settling on iOS. 

    WWDC 2008

    I'm so glad it all has a uniform *OS nomenclature (macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, audioOS) under the "OS X" umbrella, but that OS X designation seems to be drifting further away from their marketing. Even in About this Mac, System Information, the name of macOS Server all have dropped mention of Mac OS X. For awhile after the macOS change I seem to recall that Server was still called OS X Server or Mac OS X Server.

    It's all based on OS X and OS X has grown considerably since the first iPhone was launched. I know people want a Mac OS XI or 11, but what's so wrong with just having the annual updates to macOS that we've been having for years. Long gone are the days when they can do a radical change of one OS without consideration for all the others, and it behooves Apple to make it easier to developer for all their platforms by unifying all the OS X code as much as possible for macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and even audioOS if and when the HomePod family of products are opened up to users. :crossesfingers:
    edited May 2018 cornchip
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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 557member

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    The Mac is an open computer (no force to use the App Store) based on UNIX - I don't think that customers want a castrated iOS as their computing environment.
    I like my iPhone and iPad (for reading emails, surfing the web and some other simple tasks) but when working I want an open system!!!
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    SoliSoli Posts: 9,382member
    wizard69 said:
    Soli said:
    ascii said:
    This is exciting news because if Apple wants to retire the Mac I would rather move to an iOS notebook than to Windows.

    Also, when Apple retired the Airport a few weeks ago, I and others said it might be because they were moving away from WiFi and focussing on 5G cellular (where the puck is going). And now we have a rumor of a notebook with cellular (joining the phone, ipad and watch). 
    I wouldn't bet on Apple getting rid of Mac or getting rid of WiFi.
    While im not thrilled about another monthly expense Apple should have offered cellular support in its laptops years ago.   Cell support in the iPad gives it huge advantages for travel.  

    The other issue with WiFi, when you actually find an open connection, is the terrible performance.   I actually have turned Wifi off on (at times) my iPhone due to some locations offering terrible WiFi performance.  

    The real problem here is the rumors about an IOS derived system.   As long as we have the critical issues with file handling i dont see iOS replacing Mac OS.  IOS can drive one batty with its hanstrung file management.   
    A bit of a segue, but it's something I've disliked about all WiFi-capable OSes for a very long time:

    1) I'd like the option to only see WiFi SSIDs that I've connected to in the past when I go to select a WiFi network. At the bottom of the list it will have an option to see all unhidden SSIDs. It's just far too much clutter these days, and I don't even live in an area that has an excessive number available.

    Ideally I'd also like the option to have it verify the BSSID which can help with the potential for spoofing a WiFi hotspot, but this becomes problematic with extended and mesh networks.

    2) I dislike that between the time I authenticate to a WiFi hotspot, say a local coffee shop that changes their password once a week, or to one with a splash screen which requires you to authenticate with there firewall before you're allowed onto the internet, like at Starbucks, and then get my VPN to authenticate there's a time when many apps are services are phoning all over the place, especially Apple.

    I wish they could be smart enough to know when you're authenticating with a router or giving access via a router with a built-in firewall/splash-screen (one hop?) that it will not send or receive data until you connect your VPN, assuming you've checked that box to least prevent background network services from operating until that VPN connection is complete.

    The OS knows full well when the VPN connection is active. Even on iOS it shows the VPN icon in the Status Bar.

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    AppleZuluAppleZulu Posts: 551member
    It’ll probably come up in another thread at some point, but in the meantime, I’m going to put this right here.

    WIRED interview: Craig Federighi says no merger of MacOS and IOs, and No to touchscreens on notebook computers. In regard to merged-platform notebooks, he also paraphrased a sentiment I’ve written on one of these threads somewhere: “I don't think we've looked at any of the other guys to date and said, how fast can we get there?” 
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