Class action claims all Apple Watches are defective



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    boltsfan17boltsfan17 Posts: 2,198member
    I am still using the original Apple Watch. I have quite a few friends and family members who have Apple Watches as well. I've never had a single issue or ever heard of friends/family members who've had issues. I would know since I'm apparently on call tech support for my family. 
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    marktimemarktime Posts: 28member

    I’ve had an Apple Watch from the beginning and it caused my arm to lengthen 2 feet. I have to get my shirts custom made now but at least I can pick things up off the floor without bending.

    I also think the watch might have caused a flat tire.

    Should I sue?
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    visualzonevisualzone Posts: 284member
    Happened to my series 0 after I moved to the Philippines; a very hot and humid environment.  The battery swelled and popped the screen off.  It was one of the very first manufactured, received on that day back when everyone was going unboxing videos.  Was that April 24, 2015?  Seem to recall that as the date.  I drive a series 2 Nike Edition now.  Love it.  Nothing lasts forever. 
    I too have the Series 2 Nike with the black/volt band and love it. Only some scratches which is just normal wear and tear. I've bought two more bands to go with it since. One the Milanese band and another with a buckle.
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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 556member
    I don’t know how out of proportion this complaint is. But I’ve been an Apple guy for a long time. Loved my Apple Watch... until the morning I went to unplug it from the charger only to find the screen detached on one side and popping out. Big time bummer. 

    If its it’s an isolated rare issue, great. But if it’s indeed a problem, i’d love to see it fixed before I buy another, which I’m planning to do.  
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    bloggerblogbloggerblog Posts: 1,872member
    The $5 million is a trap, if Apple decides to just pay it off, the law firm will hit with another much larger suit and use this one for grounds
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    KuyangkohKuyangkoh Posts: 373member
    Me and wify have series1, hers back plate pops and Apple replaced it w no questions ask. Out of warranty Zzzz
    mine still kicking but not ticking....
    used it day time and night time, charge a bit before going to bed....
    waitting for next irritation.... 
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    KuyangkohKuyangkoh Posts: 373member
    irritates w these class actions BS....
    come on go find good cases....
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    netroxnetrox Posts: 826member
    When I bought my Apple Watch, I bought a protective screen for my screen. And I can tell you that many times I've had my screen protector scratched and damaged while moving yet my watch screen remained undamaged. Without the protector, it would be damaged. You just have to protect your devices with cases and protectors. It's no excuse not to. It doesn't have to be a bulky case.. even just a thin case will be fine for normal use.
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    volcanvolcan Posts: 1,791member
    melgross said:
    I know a fair number of people with the Apple Watch, and none of us have had this problem. We know it happens, but there are tens of millions of these watches out there. If it was a really serious problem we would have heard more about it.
    It did happen to me, twice. Original SS 48mm. Screen just fell out while walking around. I snapped it back in but it was not secure and repeatedly fell out again. That's when I quit wearing it. I was on vacation in the Caribbean at the time so maybe the high humidity had something to do with it although kind of unbelievable since you are supposed to be able to swim with it, which I have never done. I had to wait until I returned to the states to get it repaired.

    At the Apple store the genius looked it over and it looked pristine because I had snapped the screen back in, there was no apparent damage or scratches, however he was obligated to get an Apple engineer on the phone. The engineer gave me a grilling not believing that it just fell out, claiming I must have mistreated it somehow. Complete BS. Anyway they did send it in for repair and it was on Apple Care + so it was free, although it took around 10 days. Then about a year later it happened again but it was out of warranty at that time. I just tossed it in a drawer. No more Apple watches for me.

     I quit wearing watches when the iPhone was released at which point I just used the phone to check the date and time. Prior to that I was wearing a heavy chronometer but the SS band was scratching up my MBP keyboard. When the Apple Watch came out I thought I would give wearing a watch a second try. Now I'm back to using just the iPhone.
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    felix01felix01 Posts: 258member
    melgross said:
    I know a fair number of people with the Apple Watch, and none of us have had this problem. We know it happens, but there are tens of millions of these watches out there. If it was a really serious problem we would have heard more about it.
    Same here, I've had no such problem with my two and the half-dozen friends with Apple Watches have not complained. I don't see any way this could possibly reach class-action status.
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    OMG my iPhone has the same problem! Its design is DESIGNED to be DEFECTIVE!  That little hole where the plug goes in?  The Apple iPhone case is designed to funnel little bits of LINT RIGHT INTO THE CHARGING HOLE.  They build up and WRECK it so you HAVE TO GET A NEW PHONE. AAPL knew or should have known they had to supply a little plastic plug bit to keep that from happening.  AND THEY DIDN'T DO IT.  Alert the MacAlope.  And don't forget to Qi-charge your phone.  Bzzzht!
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    I'm wearing my third Apple Watch. None of my Apple Watches have ever had problems like this. This lawsuit is BS. 
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    tommikeletommikele Posts: 268member
    Pond scum lawyers
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    freshmakerfreshmaker Posts: 530member
    I had the face of my S0 fall off once.  However, 1) I’ve swam in the ocean with it on and 2) It was under AppleCare so I had Apple replace it for free, so no big deal.  
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    dws-2dws-2 Posts: 240member
    If there is a defect, it should be fixed. However, I had my first Apple Watch (series 0) for two and half years, and my wife's is still going after 3 years, so it's a very big stretch to say that they are ALL defective. I know that the series 0 had a battery issue where it pushed the screen off, but I've never heard of anyone I know having issues. (I probably know about 8 people with an Apple watch well enough that I'd know if they had issues.)
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    metrixmetrix Posts: 253member
    I have had my Apple watch for over a year and among friends , coworkers, and family I haven't heard of this problem. So, I think this might be a 1 percenter or .1 even. I play basketball with it all the time.
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    That's funny.... I've been an Apple customer since its inception and despite having owned many Apple products I didn't encounter a single (design) fault with any of them. Then 2 of five Apple Watches and 1 pair of AirPods from 8 pairs in our household developed faults which, in the case of the watches was the same fault, and the pair of AirPods decided they were not going to maintain any connection when worn more than 3 feet away from the product they were paired with; removing them and re-pairing did not remove the terrible signal attenuation.
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    aegeanaegean Posts: 114member
    No issues here so far with series 3, stainless steel. And it goes through very rough and tough usage. I don't even remember how many times it fell, hit the hard surfaces, etc.
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    zroger73zroger73 Posts: 732member
    I'm somewhere in the middle on this issue. At just under two years old, the screen popped up on my series 0 while I was sitting at my desk at work one day. Apple overnighted a replacement at no charge even though it was a year out of warranty.

    It's a tough pill to swallow when a watch that cost hundreds of dollars (or more) only lasts a couple of years while a $10 Casio lasts for decades. I paid more for the three Apple Watch bands I own than the total amount I've spent on watches over the last four decades.
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    The $5 million is a trap, if Apple decides to just pay it off, the law firm will hit with another much larger suit and use this one for grounds

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