Tim Cook talks about Steve Jobs thinking differently, Apple product philosophy



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    entropys said:
    macxpress said:
    I know some will think differently for one reason or another, but I still honestly think Tim Cook is the best possible CEO out there for today's Apple, which is different from the Apple of the Steve Jobs era. Its just a different world out there today. In some ways, he's actually better than Steve Jobs. Yes, he's not an innovator like Steve was (not a product guy), but damn he knows how to run Apple. Just because Apple isn't releasing something you want right now doesn't mean they aren't working on it and it doesn't mean that if Steve were here it would be out by now.
    What you are describing about Cook seems to me to be the guy who should be in charge of systems and operations, not the whole shebang.  

    The more Jobs like character, a potential threat, was sacked about five years ago. Not that would have worked either. 
    Being a "Jobs like character" and being as successful as Steve was are two completely different things. He was a "one in a century" genius - period!
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    I had to listen twice, but yes, at around 16:20 Tim actually does say "Our tact on this is we take a minimum amount of data from customers..." Could someone please let him know that the correct word is "tack", being the course a sailing boat or ship takes when sailing into the wind. "Tact" is behaving with skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.
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