Everything new in tvOS 12: Over 20 new features for Apple TV



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    claire1claire1 Posts: 510unconfirmed, member
    I think this update is lackluster and it's sad things like name change are touted as "new features". Shows how lackluster this is.
    And "check cable" has been there so cross that out as a new feature.
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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,454member
    claire1 said:
    Folio said:
    From what I’ve heard from users in this forum, I’m waiting for apple to improve the remote before I jump in. Can’t fathom why they have neglected that for so many iterations
    The only real issue that I've had with the remote is orientation of the device in the dark. The newer versions have a raised Menu button in the upper left below the touch-sensitive pad. What had you heard?
    He's heard people complaining as usual.

    I can't believe Apple hasn't added a speaker to the remote for finding it because once it's lost, it's tough to find. Lost one years ago in my house.
    Mine is taped to the back of my Sony remote. Looks like it was made that way.
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    automatic single sign on only works for cable operators, unlike the demo video which show Direct and Disk Network, neither of these service have their own broadband network so their is no way for the ATV to sign you on to DTV and Disk by just knowing which next work you are on.

    The other think I have not liked is the fact that ATV and Netflix still do not play nice, shows you want in Netflix is does not show up at the top of ATV main screen, like shows on Hulu and Prime.
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    I don’t think that is Apple’s fault Maestro
    edited September 2018
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    Upgraded to TV iOS 12 hoping to find the Charter Spectrum app. Not found. It was touted as a cable box replacement. 
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    crowleycrowley Posts: 9,343member
    The remote is far from perfect, but I'm not sure there are any others that I'd rather user use.  My biggest issue with it is that it's so damn small I can never find it.
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    bolen mac said:
    I wish Apple would add the ability for Siri to be able to search content in my iTunes library.
    Not just Siri -- even type-to-search ignores local content. It's frustrating as hell.

    I'd also like the ATV to include my own content in the "Up Next" section of the TV app.

    But I'd settle for just the damn thing keeping track of what I've watched and what I haven't, and stop constantly presenting episodes I've already seen in "Up Next."
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    The biggest gripes for me are the remote not being recognized until you swipe or press a button a few times and misplacing it. 

    We have eliminated those issues by using our phones instead. Plus it's a great way to force your significant other to go to bed by fast forwarding to the end of what they're watching. 
    Right, there's no "raise to wake" so once the remote goes to sleep it doesn't work again until you press a button.

    My original response to the ATV remote was to dedicate an old iPhone to being a remote, but it's even worse than the ATV remote in terms of the time it takes to get from reaching for the remote to actually accomplishing a task -- wake phone, authenticate user, open app, press button.
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