The iPhone XR versus the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: Which is right for you?



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    According to hands-on reports, it’s not true that the XR lacks the extra landscape mode functionality that Plus/Max models have. It reportedly does, even though the more expensive model XS doesn’t. Another consideration for some will be the 4GB RAM of the XS models vs. the 3GB of the XR. 
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    seankill said:
    dewme said:
    For current 6/6s/7/8 Plus series owners it's very reassuring to note that the iPhone Xs Max is nearly identical in overall dimensions to the Plus phones. The Max is 0.27 oz heavier than a 6 Plus but all other dimensions are virtually identical. If you are comfortable pocketing your current Plus phone the Max will not put any additional strain on your pocket. Your pocketbook on the other hand ... ouch.   
    I have the 7+ which is by far the best iPhone I’ve ever owned. The Max looks like a pretty awesome phone, the name is kinda cheesy though. I generally upgrade every two years but decided earlier in the year I didn’t see the value (plus I’d have to upgrade the wife’s phone too). I’m really annoyed that the $1,100 Max only comes with 64GB. So I’m looking at $1,250 for a Max with 256GB. I have a 128GB now and probably use 40-45% of that. 

    Will hold out until next year to see if they will up the storage, plus I’d like to see more camera improvements before upgrading. At $1,250, I’ll have to consider keeping the phone 4 years to get my value out of it. 
    To me the killer feature will be sold state batteries which will make big phones either noticeably lighter or give 48 hours of better battery usage or something between the two.

    Probably at least two years away unfortunately.
    A lot of times Apple let’s new technology come out on Android first (LTE, OLED) but I think that this would be a killer feature that would motivate  purchases.  Of course it would come out on the iPhoneX, Xs, XsMax, ...  exclusively.
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    The XR is larger, has better battery life, and has more color options to boot against the XS. The loss of optical zoom, and a lcd display (without 3d touch?) compared to Oled, and it's not verified for 2 meter deep. Quite frankly those cancel out IMO. So then the XS Max(which what is the point of max=plus?) sort of drops those XR advantages, but at a $350 difference it is not really worth it.

    My question:
    Why did Apple give the XR better battery and a larger display?
    Why are the XR disadvantages things that the 8+ had, rather than new? (At least 2 camera, 3d touch)
    There is no 3d touch hardware, but software? how does it affect the experience?

    Surprisingly(to me) the iPhone X outsold the 8,8+. What will be the #1 selling iPhone this year(opinion)?

    If I was to buy an iPhone this year, i'd probably go for the XR, but potentially I will have a different desire if someone explains these. 
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    I'm leaning iPhone [email protected] for $799. I've used about half that amount on my iPhone [email protected] At this stage I'm starting to spend more time deleting apps than adding them. I'm starting to slim down the use on my phone to fewer things that waste less time. I'm a bit worried about the all glass phone and I'm hoping repairs on any problems occurring with this phone would be more reasonable than they were reported for the iPhone X (and I'm presuming that trend would continue with the XS, etc.)

    I'm willing to try FaceID now that it has been out for a year and round 2 will be a bit faster. (I did the same with Touch ID back in the day.) I'm going to presume the LCD won't have the color shifting or burn-in potential that the more expensive OLED displays have as a concern. It's the only phone with a 128 gig option for $50 which is my sweet spot both in use and in cost. It has about 95% of the top end features for about 70-75% of the cost.

    Finally I don't even really need a new phone but the kiddo is stuck on an iPhone 6 and so time to pass on mine and he gets the upgrade an upgrade as well.
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    dewme said:

    My only disappointment with this upgrade is that I have to visit the AT&T Store to move my spouse's phone account from a 4s to my old 6 Plus (which is actually less than 2 months old). I was hoping to swap SIM cards myself, but no such luck, Micro to nano doesn't work. Visiting the AT&T Store is always friggen torture.
    Use an Exact-O blade and just trim your micro to the nano size. Works fine. You’ll cut just a hair of the metal on one side, but it will still work just fine. 
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