Potential UPS website error shows iPhone XS delivery dates pushed to Monday



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    Mine is at our local UPS facility and the tracking is saying out for delivery.

    FedEx in our area is absolutely terrible. They will fail to deliver a package, mark it "customer not at home" and I've been home all day long. UPS on the other hand is fantastic. So it seems to depend on where you are located as to what kind of service you get from each carrier.
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    Mine went from China to Alaska to Kentucky back to China, and then started the trip back to the States.  My guess is it hit Kentucky and some customs form was wrong, so it had to go back to China for the proper paperwork.

    It left Kentucky again this morning, and the tracking data says it will be delivered today, but my Apple Watch Series 4 left Kentucky yesterday morning and took over 12 hours to get to my home state... So I highly doubt UPS will manage to get the iPhone here today.

    I wonder who screwed up the paperwork, Apple or UPS..?
    I'm guessing it didn't go from China to Kentucky then back to China...I'm guessing due to time zone differences, and that UPS lists events chronologically, that the latter China event is actually from the day before, which was actually today in China.  It literally takes the good part of a day to fly from east coast to China.
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    my delivery time actually went up, so hopefully the 24th isn’t an error for me. Originally I was suppose to have the XS Max delivered between 9/28 & 10/5. 
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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,546member
    On a micro level - it's disappointing when you get all geeked up for your new toy to arrive on a certain day and at the last minute there is a snafu. This is especially disappointing if you've had to jump through hoops to ensure that you or someone you trust will be present to sign for the package. One way to alleviate delivery anxiety with Apple is to have your new toy delivered for pickup at the Apple Store.

     As far as delivery services are concerned, I've had both good and bad experiences with all of the services including the private contractors that Amazon uses. I'd say USPS has scored the most losses and FedEx the most wins in my delivery history. UPS has been a net positive, but for some reason they don't seen very concerned about signatures. I once ordered two iPhones with signature required and UPS left both of the sitting on my driveway against the garage door without signatures. Had I back out of the garage without looking first it would have been very ugly. One time an Amazon delivery person left my package in a snowbank next to my sidewalk a few steps away from my covered entryway - while it was snowing. Fortunately, they took a picture of it. When I saw the picture I knew where to dig. But since I contacted Amazon about it all of my Amazon deliveries from private contractors are left on the covered entryway. But UPS and FedEx still leave packages against my garage door. UPS/FedEx must count every step a driver takes because they often refuse to walk the 10 extra steps required to leave packages under a covered entryway instead of the driveway. 

    On a macro level - it's still totally friggen amazing that you can get a package delivered from China in less than three days. I know from experience that flying from SE Asia to the US in one calendar day is easy because of the time zones. I've gone from Singapore to Newark several times and even though the in-air flight time is nearly 20 hours the departure time to arrival time difference is only about 6 or 7 hours if I recall correctly, so that first day allows a tremendous amount of distance to be covered in one calendar day. Depending on how close you are to a UPS or FedEx processing hub, it's not unheard of to get an Apple delivery in two days from China. Nothing short of amazing. But if everything doesn't click just right, some short lived disappointment can ensue.  

    Sure, this is a first world problem, but it's still cool that Apple has customers that are so passionate about Apple's new products that they await them with such high anticipation. There's a universe of other companies out there who can only dream about having the kind of customers Apple has. You may as well celebrate it for a day or two whether or not it is a first world thing. Reality will return in a of couple days and we can all get back to the never ending circus sideshow punctuated with random acts of senseless violence that has become the norm in American life. Ride the Apple high as long as you can.   
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    T-Mobile sent my phone from KY via UPS Ground and seem surprised I’d even expected my phone on launch day - maybe I’ll see it on Monday. 
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    redwinelvrredwinelvr Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    May be a bigger issue.  My Apple Watch was supposed to be picked up at an Apple Store during an appointment at noon today and I was just notified via email that it is delayed.  So Apple Stores are not immune to the issue either.
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    EddyMac said:
    Mine is at our local UPS facility and the tracking is saying out for delivery.

    FedEx in our area is absolutely terrible. They will fail to deliver a package, mark it "customer not at home" and I've been home all day long. UPS on the other hand is fantastic. So it seems to depend on where you are located as to what kind of service you get from each carrier.
    I have the opposite experience in my area. FedEx always delivers on time. UPS will often state "receiving business closed" when delivering to my home. Fortunately, I rarely pay for Amazon Prime because a quick chat or call gets me a month's extension each time this happens. I have it on good authority that my home is located in a UPS "training route" where new or underperforming drivers get assigned. My rural USPS mail carrier will sometimes drive right on by at her discretion as well. If I want something delivered reliably, I use FedEx.

    My iPhone has continuously had a 9/21 delivery date since I ordered it last Friday morning, but yesterday it was showing to be held up at customs in China. As of this post, it's at my local UPS facility being loaded onto the truck for delivery this morning about 0930 CDT.
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    I had no tracking at all past Hong Kong until I got the UPS 'Follow Your Delivery' email this morning. Just blocks away now. I dread FedEx delivery. They have left packages down the block, never delivered, been literally days late. UPS has always delivered accurately for me across several states over time.
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    XS Max arrived 40 minutes ago. It's nice.
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    Officially delayed, although they updated to Saturday delivery. I’d hoped to finally get a phone on launch day. :-( Delayed flight is the official reason. 

    There are a lot of phones stuck on a runway in Kentucky. 
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    mpantonempantone Posts: 1,934member
    My iPhone XS is apparently still in Kentucky as of 11am PDT Saturday.

    The UPS website says that the scheduled delivery date is Monday the 24th, but there's a note in the tracking history that says Saturday delivery requested. That seems rather unlikely since there appears to be zero activity since customs clearance at 1:33am on Friday morning, Kentucky time.

    The Apple Store system is even less helpful saying that scheduled delivery was for yesterday. I placed a separate order for a cable that was delivered on Friday; unfortunately, it was the wrong item.

    Not the finest order fulfillment times for Apple.


    Update: UPS website shows my package departed Hong Kong at 2:55am Sep 23 local time (11:55am PDT Saturday). That means the package never had a chance of being delivered on Friday and is too late for a delivery today (Saturday). In fact, UPS probably has known about this for 48 hours. The package was never in Kentucky. It has been in China the entire time up until about 2.5 hours ago.

    Apple has not sent out any acknowledgement nor apology for the delay. The Apple Store still says scheduled delivery is for Friday the 21st. [sic]

    I thought Tim Cook was an operations guy. Maybe he's losing his touch.

    The postponed delivery is merely an inconvenience for me, but it does cast doubt about Apple's ability to deliver decent customer service.

    It's already a given that UPS sucks. Heck, their iOS app can't even find the tracking information.
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    I stayed up until 3am East coast time to place my orders for my family’s ne iPhones & iWatches. Each year we receive a great treat with receiving the phones on opening day Friday, Sept 21st. We have been going thru this routine for years with no issues. For whatever reason after taking a day off work to sign for my dozen plus of new Apple products from UPS it didn’t happen. I’ve now had to ask my boss off for another day, Monday the 24th which UPS is now saying their delivering. So ya I’m incredable annoyed!!!! 

    For next years pre-orders at 3am I’ll be sure to ask a lot more questions, and not assume I’m being told the truth about a Friday the 21st delivery or opening day. What’s the point of staying up all night if Apple & UPS are not going to deliver my phones on opening day when promised. 
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    mazoku89mazoku89 Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I ordered mine within minutes of 12:01am pst. UPS said Friday leading up to Friday, then was pushed to Monday. Now, UPS is saying its going to be Tuesday! 
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