Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 out now, limited supplies at retail

in Apple Watch edited October 2018
Apple has shipped the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4, making the sportswear-branded wearable device available in stores and delivered to those who pre-ordered the timepiece, but initial signs suggest some customers may have to wait before they can buy it, due to there being limited supplies available.

The Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 is, like with previous models, functionally identical to the standard versions of the Apple Watch Series 4, sharing the same specifications and features. The Nike+ edition does include a few changes that makes it more useful to runners and other athletes.

An externally-visible difference is the introduction of a Nike Sport Loop Band with reflective yarn, an addition that makes the wearer more visible to traffic at night, making evening and early-morning jogging sessions safer. Other band types, including the Platinum and Anthracite Nike Sport Band, are also available.

Onboard, the Nike Run Club app is pre-installed along with the Nike Training Club app, offering workouts and other features conducive to running and other activities. Exclusive Nike-branded watch faces are also included as part of this particular model's features.

The Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 is available in GPS and Cellular models, starting from $399 for the 40mm model without cellular and rising to $529 for the 44mm variant with cellular.

Initial checking of the online Apple Store for various models reveals that in-store pickup is largely unavailable, while shipments, at the time of writing, can take between three and four weeks to arrive. AppleInsider was advised on Thursday by some stores that only low quantities of this Apple Watch model were expected to be available on Friday.

Apple authorized resellers B&H Photo and are also accepting backorders, with reporting a two to four week delay. The perk is the lack of sales tax collected in most states, with B&H collecting sales tax in New York and New Jersey and collecting sales tax in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin*.

Nike itself, however, is reporting an estimated delivery date of two to four days out, making it the most viable option for the quickest delivery time.

The Apple Watch Series 4 features a new 30-percent larger edge-to-edge display, a faster processor, haptic feedback for the Digital Crown, and in the United States, the ability to take an electrocardiogram without additional hardware.

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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    It's a shame these weren't available sooner. I cancelled my order as soon as the RDF wore off. My current series 2 Nike+ still works fine, and the Nike+ app is buggy, so I switched to the Workout app.
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    The only good thing about this watch is the band.  I had a Nike Series 2 watch and luckily when I purchased my Series 4, the person who bought my 2 let me keep my Nike band and just took the band from the 4.  The band is excellent, very comfortable, but the watch isn't anything special.  The Nike run app is a joke (Strava is superior) and the watch faces are terrible.  

    If you want the great Nike band, the watch is worth buying, but that's all I can recommend from it.  
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    rattlhed said:
    If you want the great Nike band, the watch is worth buying, but that's all I can recommend from it.  
    I agree, the band is great. But I bought my band separately from the watch. I think the bands came out a few months after the watches did. And, of course, it fits on my Series 4 just fine so I sold my Series 3 with the band that came with the Series 3 and had never been worn. Perfect!
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    boltsfan17boltsfan17 Posts: 2,294member
    I definitely want one of those new reflective sport bands. If memory serves correct, I believe they usually come out 6 months after the watch is released. 
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    Would be nice if I could get an Adidas version instead. Nike is no longer a purchase option here.
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    AppleishAppleish Posts: 645member
    Would be nice if I could get an Adidas version instead. Nike is no longer a purchase option here.
    Cool story, admitted spam.
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    ivanhivanh Posts: 597member
    Limited supplies available at retail level? Very good, I can sell my Nike Series 2 at a higher price. 
    ECG feature, read a recent article from NewScientist that scientists are warning that consumer using ECG features may risk their lives more because more patients will be prescribed with blood thinner medication unnecessarily. And Apple has no measure at all to prevent false alarm.  See “New Apple Watch’s potential risks”, Clare Wilson, on 22nd September 2018, NewScientist.
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    Would be nice if I could get an Adidas version instead. Nike is no longer a purchase option here.
    I’ve upgraded my Nike Apple Watch 3 with a non Nike Apple Watch 4.
    Nike Apple Watch 3 went to my teenage daughter.

    Our family will NOT be purchasing any more Nike products.

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