Apple to donate to Gulf Coast relief as Hurricane Michael batters Florida, Alabama and Geo...

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Apple intends to donate an undisclosed sum to relief efforts associated with fallout from Hurricane Michael, which made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 hurricane on Wednesday.

Source: NOAA

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the upcoming donation in messages of support of support posted to Twitter.

"I grew up on the shores of the Gulf Coast, near Pensacola and Mobile, and that region holds a special place in my heart. That's never been more true than now. To all those communities in the path of Hurricane Michael, you are in my prayers. Please stay safe," Cook said. "Apple is standing with our friends and neighbors in the Gulf Coast region, and will be donating to recovery and relief efforts."

While the amount of Apple's donation has yet to be determined, the company typically pledges $1 million to natural disaster relief efforts.

Earlier this month, Apple donated $1 million to earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Indonesia, while identical contributions went toward programs assisting in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and the Kerala floods in India last month.

Apple will likely open iTunes donations for the American Red Cross in the near future.

Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle Wednesday afternoon as one of the most powerful storms in the state's recorded history. The maelstrom came bearing maximum sustained winds of 155 mph, and was characterized by the National Hurricane Center as "potentially catastrophic," according to CBS News.

As of this writing, Michael has killed at least one person in Florida and is packing 100 mph winds as it travels over parts of Alabama and Georgia.


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    kpomkpom Posts: 655member
    Michael was nearly a category 5 when it hit. The damage will likely be historic. 2017 and 2018 have been bad years for hurricanes after a comparatively quiet 5 years before. Hurricanes tend to come in cycles. 
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    I wish everyone well as I grew up in part on the Florida Gulf Coast, but wonder if these corporate donations are really necessary. We, as taxpayers, pay substantial amounts of money to the various levels of government that fund FEMA and other agencies that render services to those impacted and give grants or low income loans for recovery. The same is true of Apple, as Steve Jobs famously remarked at the Cupertino City Council, "we pay our taxes" when asked about giving the city something in return for approval of what became Apple Park. His point was that we already support the community by paying our taxes and I agree.

    Those impacted are getting assistance from the Coast Guard, the National Guard, FEMA, and various state agencies funded by your and my tax dollars. Soon, the SBA and other agencies of government will be giving low interest loans to help impacted small business recover and get back on their feet. State Unemployment benefits will be available to those temporarily unemployed by the storm and its destruction. Any number of non-profits, subsidized in part by tax exemptions, will be aiding and assisting those impacted.

    Finally, these people will be getting insurance checks based upon their coverage- to include Federal Flood Insurance. This program is subsidized by the taxpayer as private insurance will not write such policies. The private homeowners and renters policies will also be cutting checks.

    Like I said, I wish them well, but we gave via our taxes.
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