Which Paid VPN service to choose for iPhone?

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Hello everyone, I am using iPhone 6 16gb Apple device. At the moment I am using a free VPN service of Turbo VPN. Initially, it worked fine, but recently I checked my IP and it was showing my real IP whereas the connected server was from Germany. 
Seriously thinking of getting some other VPN preferably a paid service which does not leak your IP. 

Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. 


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    Which two are you talking about, the good vpn shows multiple suggestions. 
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    Any free VPN For iOS?
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    I use Disconnect VPN. 

    Remember, as noted above, some VPNs are not any better than Facebook. They can see ALL your traffic and then turn around and sell it to highest bidder. This is why i use the one that is most well-known, not some small operation somewhere in a 3rd world country.

    You need to try Disconnect. It is a well-known company that has been praised by big publications (NY Times, TechCrunch, Consumer Reports, etc). FireFox privacy browser is based on Disconnect tracker protection.  

    The tracker blocking does NOT affect my internet speed. However, it does prevent me from visiting dangerous sites, which is nice.  

    The VPN mode does slow internet speed, as do all VPNs. So, I hardly use VPN unless i am in public space using FREE internet.

    The nice thing about Disconnect is that it is well-known in security space and well-respected. So, the chances of them selling my data is very small.

    One thing is read recently is that since Disconnect is USA-based, then NSA etc. may have access to it. No fact/event to back this possibility however.

    My view on this is that i rather have NSA spy on me than my data being sold on the Chinese black market...as can happen with the smaller VPNs or one that is based in a 3rd world.

    Again, there is no evidence that Disconnect VPN allows NSA to spy, but even in the worst case scenario, it is better than the worst case scenario of the other non-USA based VPNs. Just my opinion.
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