Apple Watch picks up two new colorful Hermes band styles

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Apple on Monday released two new Hermes bands for the Apple Watch, looking to appeal to the fashion side of the wearable's fanbase.

Hermes Double Tour

An "Amber/Capucine/Rose Azalee" color combination is now available for the Swift Leather Double Tour and the Swift Leather Single Tour. The bands are more colorful than most, with a different hue on each section.

The Double Tour costs $489, and fits all 38- and 40-millimeter Watches. The Single Tour is $339 and meant for 42- and 44-millimeter models.

The bands are currently only available from Apple's website, but should appear in retail stores in the near future.

Hermes Single Tour

The Hermes line is Apple's one remaining Watch tier aimed at rich buyers. When the Apple Watch first launched in 2015, the company sold gold Edition versions costing between $10,000 and $17,000. Edition models switched to ceramic for the Series 2 and Series 3, and simply disappeared with this fall's Series 4.


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    If they call that fashion I am happy to be flagged "unfashionable"...OOOFTA
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    $489? bwahahahahahah! No thank you!
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    felix01felix01 Posts: 253member
    The Double Tour bands are too short for the average American woman. The middle hole is 150mm while the average woman’s bracket size is 190mm. Go into a Hermès boutique and you’ll see an abundance of the Double Tour bands...they don’t sell many because they only fit petite women. Plus the trend (even among women) is oversized watches yet the Double Tour band is only available in the 38 & 40mm width.
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    Is this for people that snort cocaine for breakfast?

    I’d be curious to see what a 10K suit feels like...  

    But, I’m pretty sure a 10K watch feels like a $500 watch...
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    FolioFolio Posts: 634member
    If someone gets a huge bonus and wants to splurge, there’s no way to mark the occasion with an Apple product. I get that Apple focuses on premium utility. But certain people want function AND to make a statement for themselves or as gift, so may wish to revive luxury watches via Hermès. Custom order your gold or platinum model from $25-50,000 USD, especially if you can replace battery. As a stockholder I’m all for raising ASP while keeping basic models affordable.
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