How Craig Federighi & Dan Riccio were selected to leadership roles at Apple



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    Does anybody else hear "Ferengi" in their head when reading his name?

    No, but I do when I hear Samsung. lol :-D

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    A look at the photo gallery of Sr. VPs worries me. Craig Federichi and Jeff Williams are clearly right-leaning ....

    If you have a look at the banner image on the AI homepage you'll notice that they have corrected Craig's right leaning tendencies to the more politically appropriate left leaning stance...remarkably accomplishing this transformation with the click of a mouse in Photoshop to remake him into a more acceptable left leaning employee.

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    Amazing the highest echelon of the world's most innovative company comprises white, middle-aged men. Just sayin' 

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    What a great article to read. It's great to learn more about some of Apples unsung heroes and their history. It's also nice to hear forum members who were once involved with Apple/NeXT comment on random events of their past. The complexity behind the simplicity of the products Apple make are often easily missed. We look at the iPod/iPhone/iPad as beautifully crafted minimal looking devices as an end product but behind the scenes, years of work on technological advancement has been poured in to make these real.  I'm a CG Artist by trade so naturally I didn't understand many of the things that the article was explaining such as Craig's Federighi's work on EOF, WebObjects etc... I wish I did.  As an end consumer we just expect things to work and function right out the box and this is where Apple for me has got it spot on 99% of the time.



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    Craig Federighi

    Apple Senior Vice President of Mac Software Engineering Craig Federighi. | Source: Apple



    Dan Riccio

    Apple Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering Dan Riccio. | Source: Apple


    First photo no upper lip and Steve liked the grin.  Every time he talked to this man he laughed at the grin.  Next Photo Almost Mohawk and Steve would pretend he had a real perm and would throw pencils into his hair.

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    I haven't posted in years, but just wanted to say thanks for another interesting article, Mr. Dilger. Your ability to research pertinent facts on Apple-related products, news and history is only matched by your ability to aptly frame them for your readers to understand and enjoy.


    Keep up the great work!

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    Is there any executive in Apple looks cute? lol!


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    So THAT's why Apple sucks at software for ages. Federeghi's been slowing down progress at Apple for a looooooong time. May be Google is paying him to hang in there and keep that stick in the wheel?
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