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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and William debate how we're going to reveal all our personal details to Facebook now that Apple has gone and spoiled the fun.

Facebook HQ
Facebook HQ

This would normally be the week of dissecting the latest Apple earnings call but far too much has happened since then. Victor does fill us in on the surprising reactions to the financial information in this call but then he and William are on to security.

Listen to this and you'll believe they've sorted it all out. There can be no more security problems and no more big news stories about security, not now the AppleInsider podcast has delved into the topic. Oh, except for that small issue of Apple taking action against Google for violating the terms of its developer agreement.

You can debate the merits of this particular step and will find identical discussion right here about Apple's action against Facebook. At least Facebook had the decency to get punished before this episode was recorded. Until it came to an arrangement with Apple.

As well as Facebook security, though, AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and William Gallagher discuss:

  • Hackable light bulbs. We live in a strange world.
  • Google does not spy on you via Alexa, it really doesn't.
  • Apple's not been exactly immune to security issues itself. Victor tells how he's been FaceTime called by people trying to exploit an iOS bug
  • Ultraviolet shuts down and William and Victor devote the entire fifth of a second that this dreadful service deserves
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    Good show guys! I always look fwd to Friday's as it's one of my favorite podcasts! :) (I think it needs to be 90 minutes!)

    You both have developed a rapport and are now 'giggling' and/or at least appreciating each other's quips, as it were! "Which?" Made me laugh.

    It comes across very well. It's as though we are privy to two very knowledgeable people having a friendly conversation about the weeks Apple events! :)

    Just a thought...I know apple does a tremendous amount of testing and Betas, but why not release something as ultra-new and game-changing like "multi-user FaceTime" as a "Beta into the wild" for 90 days?

    A whole lot of grief (and bad press) could have been avoided.  

    If Apple Maps went out into the wild as a 'Beta,'it may not have been the CF that it was.

    Oh well, just a thought!

    Appreciate the hard work, Victor! :)

    P.S. Not to brag, but I have a 2005-06? Original intel 20" iMac that is still working with SL! I deliberately bought a 2017 MacBook (Rose Gold, William.) To be able to have the new security Safari offered and the ability to text from my MacOs device! And all the other advantages the latest MacOS offers. :)

    Best Regards.
    edited February 1
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