Qualcomm's new X55 5G modem is ridiculously fast - but Apple probably won't use it



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    Alchemy said:
    Upgrading to 5G is critical for iPhone sales this year!  We all know that it will take time for the available networks to catch-up, but who in their right mind would pay over $1,000 for a phone that will be “obsolete” in a few years.  It is all about perceived value.  I was all set to upgrade my two old iPhone 6 with new XR’s, but held off waiting for the 5G.  Some of the new bells and whistle features are nice, but not enough to convince me to upgrade.  You can explain all you want about how practical 5G will be, but Apple gets a premium because they are perceived as the technology leader.  iPhone sales will grind to a halt if they try to sell a phone that is considered technically inferior to others.
    Umm, Apple has NEVER been a technology leader with network access speeds.  Tons of phones had 3g available when the original iPhone only had 2g.  Apple was late with 4g in their phones as well.  Funny how they still managed to sell a few hundred million of them.  Anyone who thinks that iPhone sales will "grind to a halt" if they don't release a 5g phone this year is simply smoking crack.
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