Video: iPhone XS Max versus Galaxy S10+ photo quality comparison



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    Speed1050 said:
    Speed1050 said:
    Both phones have excellent cameras. However, where do Samsung users go when their phones shit the bed? Where do they go when there’s an issue with the software, hardware, cracked screens etc..... They go to their carriers but then they pay an arm and a leg. 

    With us iPhone users, we go to the Apple Store and any issues that we have, they’re fixed. Not just fixed but fixed the right way and with the impeccable customer service that we have come to know and love with Apple. 
    Absolutely this. Apple don’t make the very best of everything, all of the time. What they do offer is support so far above (and accessible) any other tech firm is mostly why I buy their stuff over others. 

    Why some people feel the need to denigrate Samsung users to defend an Apple product is really odd. Strange characters, really. 
    I wasn’t denigrating Samsung users or anyone for that matter. All I said was, “Where do Samsung users go when their phones shit the bed?” They don’t receive the same customer service as Apple users is all my point was if you even bothered to read what I wrote.

    I wasn’t talking about you buddy, I was talking about AppleExposed above. ^^^
    In response to what I said, you said and I quote, “Why some people feel the need to denigrate Samsung users to defend an Apple product is really odd. Strange characters really.” So yes you were talking about me because you feel that I was denigrating Samsung users. Nothing could be further from the the truth, BUDDY. 

    I was talking about AppleExposed, but if you want to think I was talking about you for some reason then go ahead. 
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    iPhones Achilles heels- Low light and selfie. 
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    chasm said:
    That said, Andrew appears to be unaware that the iPhone has had “ultra wide” for years — it’s called the Pano setting. Hint: you don’t have to take an entire full pano — you can stop shooting at any point in the process. I’ve used this a number of times to get “wider” shots without them being full panoramas.

    That said, having it as a separate option on the S10 is a plus, but that’s like saying the iPhone’s “square” (Instagram-friendly) setting is a plus for the iPhone.
    This isn't a "setting," it's a dedicated third lens that is wider than the others, and wider than what we have on our iPhones.

    Yes, you can use pano to get a wide shot with the iPhone. Like you, I have been doing that for a long time. It's not the same thing as a dedicated ultrawide lens, because if you shoot the same pano with an ultrawide lens, you get an even wider shot still.

    And if you have been using the iPhone pano mode to work around getting getting really wide shots, you know how situational its use is to work well. If there is no motion of any kind in your shot, you're golden. If anything at all is moving in it, you've got a problem. Being able to capture a wide shot in the span of a single shutter click is infinitely preferable to having to have a perfectly still several seconds of scenery.
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