Here's why your AirPods battery life is getting worse, and what you can do about it



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    My fully charged AirPods produce the oh, so depressing sound of power decay after just 1.5Hrs (R) and 1.0Hr (L). The next iteration of AirPod should allow end-user consumers to detach the battery housing unclip and clip in a new battery without having to shell out more than half the retail price to have Apple staff change them for you. This product from Apple is extremely environment unfriendly. A matter I may raise with Greenpeace as Apple seem to be dropping the ball on environmental damage.
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    Funny that you comment price. As an Apple user, price should be irrelevant...we're supposed to buy a new headset every 2-3 years anyway due to low battery.

    Apple is not really for users on a budget.
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