Apple Pay goes live in Hungary and Luxembourg

in iOS edited December 2019
Apple on Tuesday confirmed the launch of Apple Pay in Hungary and Luxembourg, with the payment service arriving with support for credit and debit cards from Mastercard, Visa and regional banks.

Apple Pay Hungary

Apple device users in both Hungary and Luxembourg reported the activation of Apple Pay on Tuesday morning, with some sharing screenshots of their cards being provisioned with the service.

Dedicated Apple Pay webpages for each country confirm the rollout.

In Hungary, Apple Pay enjoys support from Mastercard and OTP Bank. While the tech giant touts integration at "thousands" of retail outlets, the webpage highlights 12 major chains including Adidas, Aldi, H&M, Saturn and Starbucks.

Luxembourg also supports Mastercard credit and debit cards, while adding Visa, Visa's V Pay and cards issued by BGL BNP Paribas. Apple again spotlights 12 major retail chains on its local Luxembourg website, including Aldi, Auchan Retail, COS, Quick and Total. As Apple does not operate brick-and-mortar stores in the country, Premium Resellers Computer Home and Lineheart City are listed as participating Apple Pay locations.

Apple highlights a number of apps that accept Apple Pay payments on both regional pages.

Prior to Hungary and Luxembourg, Apple Pay most recently debuted in Iceland earlier this month with support for Arion Banki and Landsbankinn. The service is expected to go live in Netherlands in the near future, as Dutch banking giant ING recently advertised compatibility as "coming soon."


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    jozsoojozsoo Posts: 39member
    Yay! Finally in Hungary, too! Used it four times already today. Smooth.
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