Apple Pay goes live in the Netherlands

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Dutch bank ING has introduced support for Apple Pay in the Netherlands. It's the first bank in the region to do so and comes two years after the first trials were reported.

As previously expected, ING bank has begun officially supporting Apple Pay in the Netherlands, almost two years after the region was originally expected to get it. ING has been promoting the coming of Apple Pay for the last six weeks and has now confirmed it on its official site. Apple's local Netherlands site has details as well.

"Pay smoothly with Apple Pay," says ING's site (in translation). "Paying becomes easier than every with Apple Pay. It works of course online and also in all stores where you can pay contactless. Pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac in stores, in apps and in web shops. Just switch on in your ING app."

ING customers in the region who use the bank's Mobile Banking App should have received a notification message saying that the service is live, according to the bank's previously tweeted information.

The launch in the Netherlands is significant because it comes five years after the original rollout of Apple Pay in the US and there have been repeated delays bringing it to the region.

However, Tim Cook mentioned in the April 2019 financial earnings call that more countries would soon be coming.


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    uraharaurahara Posts: 733member
    Let’s see when ING will introduce it in Germany - actually most profitable ING’s region. 
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    knowitallknowitall Posts: 1,648member
    Would be nice if other banks follow, say Rabobank for example.
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    CheeseFreezeCheeseFreeze Posts: 1,209member
    There’s less consumer demand in the Netherlands for Apple Pay, because the banking infrastructure was much more modern already. Everyone pays with wireless debit cards that require a PIN above a certain value. Transaction costs are pretty much zero when wiring money through the EU, debit card transactions are almost zero and getting money at the ATM is always zero. 
    A FICO credit rating doesn’t exist and typically credit cards aren’t really a thing. A lot of people actually got a credit card (even then so no credit rating applies there) because of the App Store.
    Just waving your debit card in the supermarket or mobile payment system at a cafe means people aren’t waiting as much for Apple Pay as they would have in, say, the US.
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    Well I’m here on vacation and have been using it for a few things since Friday evening including buying a 7 day transit pass. Some machines had  logo but most just show wireless tap 
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    Used Apple Pay all over while I was in Amsterdam. Guess its just a Dutch bank support thing.
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    ageyerageyer Posts: 5member
    Tested today immediately, after registration of my ING bank card. Setup was less than 1 minute, and I tried 5 mins later, worked seamlessly. Today I paid 4 times with my phone. Actually waited for this so long but now it feels worse than paying with card, as requires three-four steps instead of one. 1.Put the phone onto the paymachine 2.push the side button twice 3.move closer and look into for faceid (also have to turn the phone usually) 4.align the phone back on the machine.  At step #3 I hear funny laugh from behind when the machine is placed on a low table. Maybe I missed something...
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    eerroeerro Posts: 1member
    It's the first time I'm aware of that Apple pay has been integrated with Maestro which is different to the standard Visa and MasterCard systems generally used for Apple Pay which is probably what caused the delay, as above mentioned dutch people don't usually use credit cards at all.
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