O2 becomes third UK carrier to sell Apple Watch LTE contracts

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O2 has become the latest carrier in the United Kingdom to offer the LTE-equipped version of the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 to its customers, making it the third to offer contracts for Apple's wearable device.

The Telefonica-owned carrier O2 has updated its website proclaiming the sale of the data-enabled Apple Watch models through its store. The LTE models are being sold with their own data plans, allowing it to function on the network without relying on using a connected iPhone's data connection.

O2 offers seven models of Apple Watch in its store, with the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 with Sport Band starting from 20 pounds ($25.28) upfront and either 14.99 pounds or 16.79 pounds ($18.95 or $21.22) per month respectively on a 36-month plan, including sales tax.

On the Apple Watch Series 4 side, O2 offers the 40mm and 44mm models with Sport Band, with the larger also gaining Sport Loop and Nike+ variants, along with a Stainless Steel option. Those models start from 20 upfront again, and from 19.50 pounds ($24.64) per month.

As part of the sale, O2 is discounting the first six months of airtime to no charge at all, then it will increase to 5 pounds ($6.32) per month. The plan is an add-on to an existing mobile contact the customer has with O2, rather than being a completely separate element.

O2 is the third to offer the Apple Watch LTE to consumers, following behind EE and Vodafone. Of the main four mobile networks in the UK, Three is the only one not to sell Apple Watch-specific data plans, and does not appear on Apple's list of compatible carriers.


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    Finally.  They took their sweet time about it and my patience was starting to run out -  I was going to jump to another carrier if they continued to drag their feet after the AW5 release.  Now, if they could only sort out a shared/multi-device data plan...
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    techsavytechsavy Posts: 34member
    Im glad it finally is available in O2.
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    Alas they only offer it if you buy an Apple Watch from them on a contract (for the watch)  :(

    I bought a Series 4 last year in the hope that O2 would eventually catch up with EE ... but the encouraging news in this article misses that an ESIM optional add-on to an existing contract is not yet available.

    Typical O2. I've been a customer for 10 years - maybe it's time to move on.
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    uktechieuktechie Posts: 67member
    Hey guys - we do have our own currency symbol, you know. 

    6.32 dollars = £5

    Feel free to copy and paste. 

    Alternatively, just message me and I’ll sell you a proper keyboard with a £ symbol...

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