New 'Shot on iPhone' advertisement features India's love of cricket

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The latest "Shot on iPhone" advertisement, which appeared on the Apple India YouTube channel on Thursday, features Indian cricket players of all ages and abilities in a celebration of sports and culture.

Image Credit: Apple India
Image Credit: Apple India

The 38-second video showcases various groups of people playing cricket, including on a traditional field, a beach, and even a pick up game among children in an alley. The ad features the chorus from "Dreadlock Holiday," by 10cc.

The description of the latest video reads, "It's the spirit of India, captured in a game, a love story that spans more than a billion hearts. The celebration of cricket, like nowhere else all shot on iPhone." The video directs users to Apple's India website, which features a collection of photos of cricket players.

Apple has also showcased videos depicting volcanic eruptions and the Cuban surfing community as part of its "Shot on iPhone" campaign.

Apple recently announced the winners of their "Shot on iPhone" photography challenge.


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    For some context, the cricket world cup is on right now.
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    hentaiboyhentaiboy Posts: 1,019member
    For some context, the cricket world cup is on right now.
    Go the Black Caps!
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    StuGStuG Posts: 6member
    As an English cricket fan I am sadly unsurprised that even though we are hosts and pre-tournament favourites (we have been the no.1 team for a while), we are underperforming woefully :(
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    tmaytmay Posts: 3,957member
    I've seen enough scenes of cricket in British Television and Film that I'd actually like to see it in person in the U.S., as if I can even understand the play at this point in time.

    It looks like another attempt at U.S. cricket is happening;

    "Satyan Gajwani, Times Internet’s vice chairman, said: “Cricket has the second largest audience in the world, and yet has little presence in the largest professional sports market. We want to develop a lasting institution that brings to the US the excitement and passion of cricket, enjoyed by billions of people globally. True grassroots development of any sport takes decades and we are excited and committed to play a role in developing world-class cricket in America.”

    The new league is slated for 2021 launch and aims to attract top international players while developing a performance pathway for homegrown players. In a bid to get to more people playing the game in the country, ACE will support the setup of academies across the US, which will be aligned to the league’s teams, to help unearth new talent at youth level to ensure a strong pipeline of high-quality cricketers."

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    racerhomie3racerhomie3 Posts: 1,160member
    Apple needs to put more advertisements in India, Pakistan ,Bangladesh,Nepal etc. These countries have very little brand awareness for Apple
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,012member
    World cricket cup tournament going on in England. Impressed with the cricket adv. Very appropriate, well articulated with cricket fans in mind.  
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 4,214member
    I remember playing quite a bit of Test Match, table top, cricket as a kid. Similar to Subbuteo.

    I played cricket at school too but not so much as it clashed with football.

    I also had a cricket ground not far from home. In fact it is the oldest continually used cricket green in the world.

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