Zagg launches Rugged Book Keyboard case for iPad mini 5

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Zagg is releasing an updated version of its Rugged Book Keyboard for the new iPad mini 5 that brings protection and productivity to Apple's smallest tablet.

Zagg Rugged Book Keyboard case for iPad mini 5
Zagg Rugged Book Keyboard case for iPad mini 5

The Rugged Book Keyboard is a combination of a case and a keyboard designed for the iPad mini. It is able to withstand drops up to 6.6 feet thanks to the rugged design comprised of stainless steel, polycarbonate, and rubber.

The keys are backlit that support seven different colors and connects over Bluetooth. Zagg says the battery, depending on use, can last up to two years between charges. An adjustable "cradle hinge" on the back allows it to work at multiple angles.

It is available now for $129.99.

Recently, AppleInsider checked out the Zagg Slim Book Go for the iPad Pro line that also included a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and adjustable kickstand but added groover for the Apple Pencil to be housed for bonus protection.


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    kitatitkitatit Posts: 36member
    This is a great addition. We use iPad minis for in field maintenance tasks where I work (iron ore mine). Iron ore dust is horribly abrasive and will jam up and ruin almost any light weight plastic mechanism. What we need is military grade protection. I hope this is it. 

    The company iPads are in Lifeproof cases which perform their intended tasks very will.

    A couple of times where I’ve needed to do a high volume of in field data entry in these conditions, I’ve use my person iPad mini with my Zagg folio keyboard/case. It’s done the job but I can tell it would break and become unusable with a couple of weeks. 

    Go Zagg!
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