DuckDuckGo announces new Apple MapKit fueled search improvements



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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 5,477member
    Sorry, but I don't use DDG because its results just aren't as good as Google's. They're my second choice, but when I need immediate, relevant results, I turn to Google.

    As for this article, it doesn't fill me with confidence. I stopped trying to help with Apple Maps. I've tried submitting updates to tell them some places don't exist and never have. They ignored me, probably because their Googling brought up a Yelp page somebody submitted with no actual information on it. Hey, if it's on Yelp, it must be real, right?
    They've fixed everything I've submitted.

    Good for you. They accepted some of my submissions, but others remain unfixed months later, even after I submitted fixes twice. But, hey, if they don't care, then why should I?
    They do care. We know they're rolling out massive updates to Maps and continually improving it, this is all well documented. If you feel like they're missing your submissions, submit them again.
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