LG will roll out out AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to 2019 smart TVs on Thursday



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    freestatefreestate Posts: 123member
    In case anyone is confused: No one with an Apple TV should care.

    - I can AirPlay to my Apple TV, but who really does this anymore? Frankly it is a bit old fashioned at this point. 99% of what I would AirPlay can be natively played back on Apple TV, and easier than even before with new Siri commands.
    - My TV turns on and off with the Apple TV via CEC.
    - My volume control is all universal via CEC/HDMI-ARC and controlled from the iOS Remote App/Remote Widget/Apple Watch, or the Siri Remote itself (bluetooth not IR).
    - Switching inputs also happens automatically via CEC, but I rarely switch inputs anyway because the Apple TV is the main driver.

    AirPlay and HomeKit coming to the TV's themselves is a good thing, but only for certain use cases. It does not apply to anyone already using an Apple TV. I feel like this has to be mentioned because I see a lot of confused people trying to find a way that this applies to them.
     Can you turn your receiver and TV off by asking Siri? I don't think so...  because they are CEC you can now turn them all off with Siri (will need to update my C9 to test, but that's the missing functionality I see).
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    NmsNms Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    What is the version of LGs new OS ?
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