Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro & the ARM Mac on the AppleInsider Podcast

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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and William talk about the 16-inch MacBook Pro rumors, just how effective Facebook's $5 billion fine from the FTC will be, and the pending antitrust investigation into big tech companies.

2019 MacBook Pro
2019 MacBook Pro

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher discuss:

  • The rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro is said to cost as much as $3,000 USD. Are you budgeting for one or is that just not practical for even pro users?
  • Victor enthuses instead about the discontinued 12-inch Macbook, and how frustrating it is that it's gone
  • How to use the Hazel app to help you manage on a Mac with just 128GB of storage
  • Facebook was fined $5bn by the FTC, but as large a sum as that sounds, is it enough to make Facebook change its ways?
  • The US Department of Justice is investigating Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google for antitrust violations. We won't know the extent of the investigation for some time, but Victor notes how no one escapes government investigations unscathed.
  • US Attorney General William Barr is beating the drum for backdoors into encryption again. Victor thinks this was dumb before, and is dumb now.
  • Apple looks to be in a good position to move away from Intel and into using ARM processors for its Macs, but is this the right time for the company to make that jump?
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    Enjoyed the podcast, as usual!

    Writing this post on a Rose Gold 2017 MacBook, BTW.

    The $5B fine is about 7 weeks of revenue for FB. On the day of the announcement, the value of the company went up $8B.

    They need to add a 'Zero' to make it a $50B fine.

    Only way FB will change their awful ways! 

    FB has $40B in cash, they would have to borrow $10B. Stock would drop by 2/3's and so would Zuck's wealth. 

    If that happened, they would have all the problems fixed in 10 days!

    It's the only way to get through to a sociopath like Zuck.

    Increased teen suicide, especially among young girls, visits by young girls to emergency rooms for 'cutting' up 70%. Russians buying ads, destroying Democracy, Cambridge, data breeches, Myanmar genocide, etc., etc. 

    FB is like the cigarette companies of the 90's.

    Anyway, have a nice weekend. :)
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