CBS All Access debuts on Apple TV Channels

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More than two months after Apple TV Channels debuted on iOS and tvOS, Apple's over-the-top streaming subscription hub on Wednesday welcomed its 20th provider into the fold with the addition of CBS All Access.

CBS All Access

Highlighted in the new TV app under the "Try Apple TV Channels" section, CBS All Access offers customers streaming and offline access to original television series, popular late-night programming and more for a recurring fee of $9.99 a month.

As with other content providers, CBS provides users a limited time free trial that currently runs seven days. After the trial period expires, users who do not cancel the subscription are automatically billed the $9.99 fee through Apple.

Apple namechecked CBS All Access alongside a handful of major network and cable providers in announcing Apple TV Channels at a special event in March, but the service failed to see integration with iOS 12.3.

At launch, Apple TV Channels offered subscription options for Cinemax, EPIX, HBO, MTV Hits, Showtime, Smithsonian, Starz and Tastemade. That selection has since expanded to 20 "channels," including PBS Living, Acorn TV, Sundance Now, Lifetime Movie Club, UMC, Curiosity Stream, Comedy Central Now, Shudder, History Vault, Mubi and the Arrow Video Channel.

CBS All Access quietly announced upcoming availability on Apple's platform in a post to Twitter last week, saying the service would arrive on July 29.

Apple TV Channels is Apple's answer to a comprehensive streaming experience. Instead of requiring users to subscribe to and watch content in dedicated third-party apps, the TV app can now process payments from participating vendors and play back shows hosted on Apple's servers. The end result is a streamlined experience that feels more integrated than previous versions of the content hub.


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    gilly33gilly33 Posts: 371member
    I currently pay $5.99 for All Access w/ limited commercials. Love Seal Team and Star Trek: Discovery (season 2 was way better) and a few other shows. The upcoming Star Trek: Picard will be ‘Access’ only as well I think. But I hear you. They all pitch $10 and above for features like commercial free and all that. I canceled HBO Go because $14.99 just ain’t cutting it for me right now GoT or not. As this ‘new’ frontier (couldn’t resist the pun) unfolds with all these cord-cutter services we’ll soon be talking about cutting the cord from the ‘cord-cutters’  apps and devices. Disney, Apple, Prime, Netflix et al, sheesh!
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    Yes, I've been binge catching up on Star Trek Discovery. Wow, that's a dark show.
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    jcs2305jcs2305 Posts: 1,187member
    mercel said:
    CBS is stark raving crazy if it thinks people will pay $10 for its programming.  Just wow.
    My thoughts EXACTLY!  If people are willing to pay that for their own entertainment more power too them, just makes no sense to me.
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    spice-boyspice-boy Posts: 1,433member
    No way CBS, only a fool will pay $6 per month for standard cable shows including commercials. 
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,001member
    Yes, I've been binge catching up on Star Trek Discovery. Wow, that's a dark show.
    But really good 
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    jibjib Posts: 21member
    I have been paying $10/month for commercial free CBS All Access for nearly two years now and am quite satisfied with it.  I like the All-Access only programming (Star Trek, etc.) and find the commercial-free shows very useful even though I record many of the same shows on my DirecTV DVR.  I regualrly watch at least a half dozen CBS shows and like the ability to see them commercial free without having to skip commercials on the DVR.  

    It has been especially helpful recently since DirecTV has dropped CBS coverage for the time being due to a contract disagreement.

    And it is definitely as part of my future "cut the cable" strategy to drop DIrecTV as AT&T slowly ruins what was an excellent service.
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