Microsoft found a man named 'Mac Book' to tout Surface Laptop 2



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    They can dress it up anyway they like, its still a MS product that runs windows. Neither of which I want.
    [Deleted User]rotateleftbytewatto_cobra
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    hexclockhexclock Posts: 1,232member
    Typical juvenile thinking from Microsoft’s advertising department. 
    [Deleted User]watto_cobra
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,268member
    Worldwide search initiated for Mr/Mrs Blue Screen...
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    Jack in the Box did it better.
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    AI_liasAI_lias Posts: 434member
    Pretty good ad, tongue-in-cheek.
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    The part everybody is missing is that the ad was an excellent parody of many Apple Ads...
    It took the dry, humanistic, laid back style Apple has been using for decades and turned that around on them. 

    Regardless of the relative merits of the products, that was a good commercial.   It held your interest, you could relate to it and it got the point across.

    But, it also emphasized another thing:   Apple has been so successful, others are not only copying their products --- but now they're copying their ads too!
    ....  So, in the end, it showed respect for Apple and all they have done.
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    maccadmaccad Posts: 87member
    I have a Surface Book. I love its touch screen. I wish Apple also had touch screens on all their devices. However, I use my MacBook Pro almost exclusively. Why? Because I hate Windows and love MacOS. No amount of hardware design is going to change that.
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,952member
    One would think Microsoft should be able to afford a real ad firm these days. Sheesh.
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    Brought back recollections of the original Surface Ads...
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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 3,040member
    That guy really doesn’t sound impressed. It’s like he’s being paid to promote a computer he really doesn’t believe in.

    If that is indeed his legal name, I would not be surprised if he solicited offers to perform from both MS and AAPL. AlexMorello said:
    The funny thing is : Rosoft is a family name too.. Apple only has to find a guy named Mic..
    Mike Rosoft!

    Idea for a viral video: A bit of a simple search will turn up a cemetery with a monument for the Rosoft family plot. Add a new headstone for poor Mic. 

    (Actually, one of the funniest business suggestions I saw was someone offering for a fee that, upon your death, to send an attractive woman in a black dress and dark sunglasses to watch your graveside funeral from across the street next to a stretch limo while her bodyguards stand watch. She then leaves silently at the end of the ceremony. Absolute genius.)
    That guy really doesn’t sound impressed. It’s like he’s being paid to promote a computer he really doesn’t believe in.

    I’m confident we’ll soon learn he used some of the money MSFT paid him to go buy a computer based on his namesake, even against the contract I’m sure MSFT made him sign to prevent him doing just that.  
    Almost for sure there is such a clause. Anti-disparagement clauses are common in such things. 
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