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We recently changed one of our iPhones to a cheap Nokia Android phone (reluctantly a new iPhone was just to much money at the time ). 

Can anyone recommend a way of syncing the photos to get them in Apple Photos? Connecting the phone via a cable doesn’t work (get what you pay for) and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get photos out of Google Photos once they’re in it. 

I was was thinking of using either one drive or Dropbox to sync to a folder and then every so often drag them into Apple Photos on the Mac. Does anyone have any better ideas though?


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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 4,290member
    When you say connecting by cable 'doesn't work, what do you mean exactly? Not showing up as mass storage? Google or Nokia transfer app not working?

    Which Nokia phone is it?

    As soon as you connect the phone via USB, you should get some options in the notification panel. One of them should say 'PC Mode', 'USB Mode' or similar. Activating that option should let you navigate the phone's contents as if it were a disk from your Mac.

    You could download the Google Photos app on your Mac and take it from there. There's probably an option to download photos which could then be imported into Photos.

    If the phone has an SD slot, you could take the card out and use it in your Mac (via an adaptor, if you have one) or by using a card reader.

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    Doesn’t work as in starts charging but nothing shows up on the Mac or a couple of PCs I tried. Tried multiple cables and went through with Nokia’s support but they couldn’t solve it. 

    I thought about the sd card option, but I think that only works if the sd card isn’t formatted as internal memory. The phone is a Nokia 3.2 which has hardly any built in storage so the sd card is really needed as internal to install some apps. 
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 4,290member
    Ok. This phone supports USB mass storage so it should work like a regular flash drive.

    Of course as it has a battery it can also go into charging mode too.

    Trying turning up the volume on both the Mac and the phone (in case you have low volume or mute activated).

    Plug the phone into the Mac. There should be an audible tone indicating something was detected. 

    As mentioned above, now you should pull down the notification panel and there should be an notification in there giving you different options. One of them should be 'transfer files' or similar (the actual notification might just be one line saying something like 'Android System Alert'). Selecting that should be enough to get your Mac to recognise it and the phone should appear on your desktop if you have it setup to show disks on your desktop. In fact, sometimes just switching between one of the possible options makes the phones show up on the desktop.

    I understand you've already tried this as suggested above but please confirm you followed the steps up to getting the notification as described here:

    Although that link shows a Windows machine, the process is the same for Macs.
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    Yes did all of that. The Nokia support guy also took me through putting the phone into dev mode and changing the default action for connecting a cable, but none of it made any difference. 

    Thanks for your help by the way. Really appreciated. 
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 4,290member
    Even though you have the sd card setup as internal memory you have nothing to lose by trying it in an adaptor with the read only switch in place. It might work.

    Just shut down the phone first.

    As for a backup of the phone, an OTG USB cable plus a pen drive should leave you good to go for a backup (always a good idea). I'm supposing the phone has a backup app pre-installed.

    I know you've tried the developer route but just a FYI:
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