Apple Arcade available on September 19, play all you want for $4.99 a month

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Apple has launched its new gaming service, Apple Arcade, featuring a play-all-you-want subscription model.

Apple Arcade

The service brings new and exclusive titles -- as well as a few favorites from other platforms -- to the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, as well as macOS. Apple Arcade is available to play in 150 countries globally.

Apple Arcade gives players a chance to check out over 100 exclusive games from over 35 different gaming studios. Studios include Bossa Studios, Disney, Konami, Lego, Sega, and Cartoon Network. Apple says that no game service has ever launched with so many games.

Apple Arcade will cost $4.99 a month, giving users the chance to play as many games as they want without annoying in-app purchases or in-game advertising.

Apple Arcade will be located in its own tab in the App Store, where subscribers will be able to to download the titles they're interested in. Players will also be able to watch trailers for new games within the Apple Arcade tab.

Titles include Frogger in Toy Town, Lego Arthouse, Sonic Racing, The Bradwell Conspiracy, and more. The games span across many genres, from rhythm games to platformers, genre-bending puzzle games to narrative-driven stories, among others. Apple has reportedly spent over $500 million dollars to tap top talents in the gaming industry to create a service that would be widely appealing to users.

Last month, Apple had begun doing an internal load test and allowed Apple employees to sign up for a beta test prior to launch.

Apple has expanded their subscription services in recent years, starting with Apple Music and now with Apple Arcade and Apple TV+.

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    Amazing demos and superb price. I'm as excited as I was when iTunes launched in my country!
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    Apple: Konami!
    Me: Castlevania! 🦇 
    Konami: Frogger, but in a bathroom! 
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    Apple: Konami!
    Me: Castlevania!
    Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is already due to come out on iOS later this year.
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    Family subscription? Or just per user option
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    Family subscription? Or just per user option
    I think that's the family sub price, which is good.
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    Family subscription? Or just per user option
    Both Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ are $4.99 each for the family subscription.
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    Phenomenal, imo no brainer pricing !! 👍👍😀
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    Minimum Hardware Specifications

    I have not seen any mention of this.  

    Looks like most games are very basic graphics though.  

    Maybe any Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV capable of running the latest OS for each ?

    Any confirmed hardware specs available from Apple?

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    Oh yeah one more thing.... to all the sleazy scum companies like Ubisoft, Rovio as examples of the very worst, plus many others.  Those who use every manipulative trick known to turn their apps into cesspools of pay to win, disposable, non-restorable on crash currency purchases in app......

    nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey GOODBYE NOW ! 

    And good riddance.....
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