Apple now selling 1M USB-C Apple Watch charging cable

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Buried by iPhone and Apple Watch announcements, Apple on Tuesday released a new one-meter (3.3 feet), USB-C Apple Watch magnetic charger, seemingly designed for desktop use.

Apple Store listing for new USB-C Apple Charging Cable

Rather than the standard two-meter USB-A magnetic Apple Watch charging cable that we're used to, the Apple Store now sells two varieties of shorter USB-C charging cables. The shorter cable length is more appropriate for use with desktop or laptop computers, allowing users to charge their Apple Watch without worrying about an excessive amount of cable cluttering their workspace.

The USB-C connection means that the charger is compatible with all Mac models that feature a Thunderbolt port. Additionally, the charger is compatible with the iPad Pro 11-inch, as well as the third-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The charging cable is compatible with all series of Apple Watch, including the newly announced Apple Watch Series 5 models.

The new one-meter magnetic Apple Watch charger can be purchased directly from Apple's website for $29 or purchased in your local Apple store as early as Friday, Sept. 13.


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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,348member
    What I really want is a night stand version of the watch stands they have in the store...
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    No 30 cm as well?
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    Shouldn’t it be “1m”, not 1M”?
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    Just to clarify, this new USB-C Apple Watch charging cable should be compatible with all Thunderbolt 3 ports, USB-C ports, and USB-C chargers. 
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    For the price of the iPad Pro it should be able to charge an Apple Watch (and an iPhone) wirelessly.
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    davgreg said:
    For the price of the iPad Pro it should be able to charge an Apple Watch (and an iPhone) wirelessly.
    No, it shouldn't. Because there's no logical place to put that functionality on the product. Just use a charger.
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