Popular iPhone XR 'saved' Apple, says report



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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 1,694unconfirmed, member
    Gotta love the passive discredit to Apple by the word "Save". I can read between the lines and they wrote it as if a third party offered Apple a product to sell and it saved Apple. When in reality Apple knew WTF they were doing the whole time. This wasn't an "accident" nor a "coincidence".

    But what happened to all the haters who said XR was a bad idea because it had ab LCD display with "low resolution"? Idiots.

    macgui said:
    That alone indicates that this is a worthless article to read.
    Obviously, you didn't read it, which explains the worthlessness of your post. That alone indicates your posts should be ignored.

    pigybank said:
    Anyone remember the iPhone 5C?  It was a lower priced colorful alternative.  It did not perform anywhere near the level of the XR.
    I do. They looked great, but not what I wanted in a phone, so it was the 5s for me. Still, ad bad a 'failure' as haters wanted it to be, it's 'failure' numbers would have made just about every other phone manufacturer giddy to equal.

    Other companies fail when they lose money. Apple fails when it makes money, just not as much as pundits think (ha!) they should have. AAPL go under any day now, if they keep that up.

    I remember 5c being the 2nd most sold phone with only the 5s outselling it. "Fail".
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    chasmchasm Posts: 1,706member
    “ the XR's launch the following month was +146% times larger.” This is how you know these guys are full of it. I’m still laughing at this ... [positive] 146 [percent] times larger. What does that even mean??
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    RembertRembert Posts: 11unconfirmed, member
    I'm wondering how these graphs would have looked with a SE2 in the lineup.
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    AppleInsider said (quoting the Arwin report):

    "Our look at the top handset manufacturers in 2018 would have suggested that Apple was likely going to lose share in 2019, however, the data to date shows Apple's share has grown even despite gains from the likes of Huawei and Google. We believe the data shows that the iPhone XR is the sole reason for this. You could even say that the iPhone XR saved Apple."
    @eightzero would like some of whatever the report's authors were smoking. Duuuude.
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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,157member
    "The fact that a brand as powerful and as valuable as Apple was unable to convince consumers to go for a higher quality product shows the challenge in consumer education within the technology and telecoms sectors," 

    No, what it shows is that even an idiot can see that the prices of Apples top tier iPhone nearly doubled in just three years and the average consumer doesn’t want to be ripped off!
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    I think the giant warchest of cash that Apple has makes it pretty easy to "save" itself without any singular product.  That said, the Xr to me is still the best phone Apple offers.  OLED is neat and all, but not worth the premium to purchase or repair.  The Xr is the sweet spot of more reasonable cost as well as the guts being future-proof enough that the Xr should remain supported and functioning well for many more years.  The Xs and the new 11 also have their spot, just as luxury cars do.  The Xr is the Camry of the world and the Xs was the Ferrari.  Each has their place in the world and individual value to their owner.  
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