Apple Stores open registration for The Big Draw Festival sessions

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Apple is encouraging people to get in touch with their artistic side, by holding free art sessions at Apple Stores throughout October, in celebration of The Big Draw Festival.

Running from Tuesday until October 31, customers can sign up to take part in a special Today at Apple session at their local Apple Store for The Big Draw. In the session, participants are able to take part in a variety of drawing activities that "let their imagination play."

The sessions will use one of the store's own iPads and the Apple Pencil, and will center around the recently-launched Adobe Fresco app. The drawing app simplifies the tools offered by Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and used by creative professionals to make a more pedestrian tool, which includes thousands of brushes to emulate traditional and digital media techniques.

Customers can sign up from their local Apple Store's Today at Apple session list, or through the dedicated page for The Big Draw Festival itself. Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes apiece, and in some cases can result in artwork the participants can save and keep for themselves.

There are three main session types, ranging from the Art Lab for Kids where they make their own emoji, and two Art Walks covering the creation of a color palette, and more keenly observing the user's surroundings. In some locations, such as Apple's Fifth Avenue outlet in New York City, there are artist-led sessions available.

The Big Draw Festival is a visual literacy charity that promotes drawing as a universal tool for learning, expression, and invention.


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    mobirdmobird Posts: 641member
    They should have required the participants to use their own Pencils, then they could check to see if anyone was using a Pencil that was obtained through the nefarious international "Grand Pencil Theft Ring"  ;). /jk
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 840member
    The two stores nearest me only show sessions for the next ten days or so. Is it normal to only show this many at a time - will they show sessions on later dates later?
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