Editorial: Apple Pay passes PayPal, tramples Google Pay & Samsung Pay



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    bigtds said:
    I'll stick with cash and credit cards.
    Less security, no loss recovery for cash, requires additional possession. You go with your bad self.

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    bigtds said:
    bigtds said:
    I'll stick with cash and credit cards.
    ApplePay is more secure than a credit card and a hell of a lot more convenient.
    I've never lost a dime and it's no less convenient.
    It physically is less convenient -- if I'm jogging in workout shorts and my Watch, carrying my wallet certainly is more stuff. My phone even has my state's digital driver's license, so I don't even need a wallet to drive somewhere. Carrying the wallet for cards is certainly less convenient. 

    And you cannot argue that cash is more protected than electronic, nor can you say that cards are more secure than tokens.
    Way more convenient. Sadly, I forget my wallet more often than I forget my phone, and like others have mentioned here, I rarely carry cash any more. Another benefit to Apple Pay is that is is significantly faster than a chip transaction. Chips may be more secure, but they are a lot slower and I’m always a bit impatient as I sit, waiting for the chip transaction to go through. Apple Pay is virtually instant.

    As for security, Apple Pay’s tokenized system is clearly more secure, but people have a valid point when they point out that the security benefits the card issuers more than it does consumers. Still, we all intimately bear the cost of credit card fraud. Further more, in the case of debit cards, the security does have a direct benefit to consumers since fraudulent charges come directly out of your account. A coworker had her debit card stolen and lost thousands of dollars out of her account before she realized something was amiss. She eventually got (most?) of the money back but had to wait a couple of weeks for the bank to credit her account and during that time had to deal with denied payments, late fees and countless headaches. 
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    lkrupp said:
    I have been told by clerks that only Samsung Pay works on their terminals. Turn out those terminals don’t support NFC at all but Samsung Pay works because it can mimic a card slide. That clerks and customers don't understand what’s happening or why.
    I’ve been told (when I bring out my phone to pay) that Apple Pay doesn’t work. Often the sales clerk has either been told to say this or just doesn’t know because except for Sears and one outlet of Hero Burger, I’ve always been able to use it. Note: I understand Walmart blocks Apple Pay in favour of their app but I don’t shop there, partially because of this. Any store that actively blocks Apple Pay doesn’t get my business as that’s my preferred payment method. 
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