Newbie Question about Apple & Malware/Viruses

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First, glad to be onboard.  A friend of mine worked on me for about a year to switch over to all-things-Apple (i.e., phone, tablets, laptops, etc.).

My query:  I am heavily involved in academic research inasmuch as I pastor a church and have been a tenacious researcher for years now.  So, you can imagine how excited I was last night when I came across a site w. free PDF’s that tout the top-of-the-line, cutting edge, research works.  We’re literally talking exegetical series, volumes, etc. that would easily topple into thousands of dollars.

You guessed it—I downloaded tons of works into iBooks, PDF Expert, etc....all on my iPad Pro & iPhone.  Then (after the fact), I got suspicious and emailed a few friends who know more about these issues than I do.  One, who is very technologically savvy, said he is not aware of any legal issues w. these resources—but quickly added that he *IS* very concerned about Trojans, Malware, Viruses, etc.  Here is the site:

This led me on a search for Apple safety w. their tablets and phones.  What say ye’?  Am I at great risk now?  If so, should I offload these resources or is it too late?  Finally, will they automatically open on my MacBook Air (laptop) when I do get on it (I mostly just read, search the web, etc. from my iPad)?

Any input (e.g., security app’s, etc.) y’all might have would sure spare me a ton of stress and worry!  If this is in the wrong section of the forum, or a violation of forum policies—please advise and pardon my newbie error 😳.  Thank you much in advance!


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    Do I need to post this in another section of the forum to get a response?  If so, could someone please advise & relocate for me?  Really need some input here.
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    This question might best be placed in the Genius Bar Forum.  
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